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New pjInvoice plugin

by Dimitar Ivanov /  Updates & Releases

We've been planning a new version for the Invoice plugin that comes with some of our scripts for quite a long time. We've been collecting suggestions for it and after a couple of weeks work it's finally upgraded. Thank you for the many suggestions that you sent to us. 


The first script where the new Invoice plugin is available is the new version for our Ticket Booking Script. You can check the demo and see how it works there. Below you can find a list with some of the main features and improvements that new version supports.


1. Options page layout is now split into 3 different tabs:

- Company details - where you set up your company details and logo

- Options - where you set which payment processing companies to be used when paying the invoices

- Template - where you can configure the actual template for the invoice. Using different tokens you can create a template that matches your company brand colors and style.

pjInvoice plugin


2. You can create multiple invoices for each reservation.


3. Invoices can easily be emailed, viewed and printed


4. Invoices can be paid by customer by opening unique URL for each invoice


5. There is a built-in search so you can easily find an invoice

pjInvoice plugin

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