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New: StivaWeb - Websites and Software for Your Business

by Daria Kerancheva /  Useful Resources

Good news for all webmasters and online entrepreneurs! StivaSoft have launched their latest project StivaWeb to help small and mid-size companies streamline their online business. It provides ready-made websites with built-in industry-specific software, as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.


As a start StivaWeb dev team focused on four main niche businesses - car rental, car dealer, hospitality and food delivery industry. The corresponding pages replace the former ezy-websites - ezyCarDealer, ezyHotelBooking and ezyFoodDelivery. The list will be expanded gradually with other key solutions from our portfolio and upon customer’s request. So please, be active - we are open to new ideas!


StivaWeb products and services can be used both by companies that do and do not have a website. Our prospects can choose between ready-made and custom-made website designs and request any modification they might need. All of them are mobile and search engine friendly and go with a hi-tech software system.



Now featuring:  Car Rental Websites | Car Dealer Websites


PHPJabbers scripts vs. StivaWeb software


As you probably know, PHPJabbers provide similar software solutions: Car Rental Script, Auto Classifieds Script, Hotel Booking System and Food Delivery Script. Then you may wonder what makes StivaWeb niche software products different to these scripts. They both can be embedded into a website. In the first case, however, the script will be installed and hosted on a client’s server, whereas - in the second, StivaWeb software will be remotely hosted on our server. And we will take care for all the services our customers may subsequently need - maintenance, backups, upgrades etc.


In a nutshell - it’s all about the hosting.


Besides, PHPJabbers scripts are more suitable for webmasters and go along with access to the code, while StivaWeb ready-made software solutions are designed for end clients. They can get advantage of a FREE 30-days trial and embed the software into any website (WordPress, Joomla!, Wix etc.). If they decide to keep using it and subscribe, the integration is also free.


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To read more about all StivaWeb websites and software, just click here!

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