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Looking For Partners In The Hosting Industry

by PHPJabbers team /  Deals & Offers

With an extensive expertise and over 10 years in web development, we can bring a distinctive combination of web tools and technical knowledge to every partnership. We offer you our expertise and experience on developing and supporting various web applications.


Our goal is to work together to provide access to quality web tools and software to more webmasters and people in the web development industry. By working with us you increase the value of your services and gain more client satisfaction. 


With this partnership you get the chance to add to your services and advertise a $50 voucher of all PHPjabbers' scripts  as well as to generate extra income for your business. 


See more for the program and apply for partnership here.


Since this proposition is addressing hosting providers, small or big, I'd like to make another announcement here:

I am going to HostingCon in June 16 – 18, Miami Beach, Florida. I am very excited to meet potential partners and future prospects there. I will be happy if you contact me directly here  so we can schedule our meeting.


Best Regards,

Veselin Stoilov

Stivasoft ltd., CEO

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