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Custom Project #4: Member Directory Script

by Daria Kerancheva /  Custom Projects

For one of his web projects, our client Erik Manolakakis from the Greek company Brainart Web Solutions requested several custom modifications to our Member Directory Script. This is what we have done for him:


  • We removed the "Age" and "Country" fields from both the admin panel and the front-end.


  • Since members shouldn't be able to self-register and log in, we removed the Login/Register link from the front-end. Logically, we have also removed the "Password" field from the admin panel. 

    Member Directory Frontend


  • We have ordered the search results alphabetically by name and then by AP.M. 


  • We have added following fields for each member:

- AP.M. (Members Registration Number)

- Mobile phone

- Website (link)

- Member since (text)


  • Member Details page:

- Show all newly added additional fields (see above) for each member

- Show member's address pinned on Google Maps


  • New "Map" menu showing Google Maps with all all members' addresses pinned on the map. Autoresize the map to fit all pins. (see screenshot below)

Members list page

  • Change members list page to show members without bio or any text. (see screenshot above)


If you need the same or similar customizations, please contact us!


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