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Authorize.net: Akamai Update

by Dimitar Ivanov /  Useful Resources

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Dear Customers,


You might have heard that Authorize.Net will start using Akamai to route all their server traffic. You can read more about that on their blog at:



This change will affect our products, too. As you know, all our scripts which support payments, use Authorize.Net payment system by default. And if you are using Authorize.Net to accept payments, you may need to make a small update to your product. According to Authorize.Net guys, they will automatically redirect all requests to the new URLs, so even if you do not make this change, you should not be experiencing any issues with their system. However, their advice is to make it! So here is what you need to do:


1) Depending on the version of the product you are using, you should look for the corresponding .php file which needs to be edited. If your product uses our latest framework, you should be able to locate this file: 

  • app/plugins/pjAuthorize/views/pjAuthorize/pjActionForm.php


For older script versions, please look for:  

  • app/views/Front/payments/authorize.php


2) Download the file from your server and open it using a plain text editor (Notepad, for example).


3) Then search for this URL:



It’s located somewhere in the first ten lines of the file.  All you need to do is to change this URL to:



As you can see, the only difference is that the subdomain is not “secure” but “secure2”.


4) Save the file and upload it back to your server. 


If you have purchased your script less than a year ago and need help doing this update, please contact our support team and they will assist you for FREE. Otherwise, we will charge a small fee for doing this for you.



Dimitar Ivanov | Senior PHP Developer

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