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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #4

    received on 5th January, 2016

    Make An Offer Widget

    THe site does not support SQL and PHP scripting. I will have to look for an alternative

    • Answer:

      We offer remotely hosted service for the script. The fee is yearly. Please, check this page:

      In this case, we will install the package on our server. We will send you URL and login details for the administration panel. We will also send a piece of javascript code that has to be inserted on the page on which you want the widget to be displayed.

  • Question #3

    received on 4th January, 2016

    Make An Offer Widget

    I do not understand the difference between install the script on the server and integrate it on my website. After you integrate it on the server do I need to do anything else for it to be used on my site? Will there be a link or a button on my site or do I have to do that? Is there a widget that I have to install on my site for it to be used? Please explain

    • Answer:

      The script package has to be uploaded and installed in a separate folder on your server. After the script installation you will have only Admin Panel similar like on our demo. You can check it under the Demo tab here:


      The second part is the front-end integration:

      Once logged in your Admin Panel after the script installation you can see the front-end integration code under the Install menu. See the attached file. /Select a product and get its install code/

      You can integrate the front-end part on any page from your website. Just have to copy the install code and paste it on the page where you need it to appear.

      You do not need anything else, but please be sure that your server account meets the script requirements. It has to support MYSQL 5.1 or more and PHP 5.1 or more.

      You can check the script requirements here:


      Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Question #2

    received on 4th January, 2016

    Make An Offer Widget

    How long will it take to install this script on my site? Also, when an offer is made is an email generated from the offerer or do I have log into some app to see the offers made. I am currently using pricewaiter and thought of switching. I am looking at the lower price plan you have. Hoping to hear back from you.

    • Answer:

      We will be able to install the script on the server within 24 hours after the purchase. However please note that we will not integrate the script into your website - we will just install it on the server so you can start using it.

  • Question #1

    received on 2nd January, 2016

    Make An Offer Widget

    Would you tell me how to sign up to PHP Jabbers ? How much is monthly membership fee ?

    • Answer:

      There is no sign up fee. What we sell are scripts and websites offered as monthly subscription service. If you want to create account and get some of the free stuff we offer there is no fee for this.

      If you want to purchase a script you can do it from our website.

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