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Questions & Answers

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Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #230

    received on 5th January, 2017

    Catering System

    I'm actually looking for something like
    I purchased the Login Script, my question is, can I use the login script in order to register a user and give the user: A page where the user can modify orders after been submitted

    Can the user (under his credentials) have a page where the user can log in and open the ORDER when receiving and be presented with 4 product options per product: good, damaged, not completed, did not arrived

    Can the user modified the order (if the order has not been shipped yet)

    Is it possible to add more fields on every product for the user to enter special details when placing an order? For example: Add notes, add picture (If picture added, user type name for picture), add radio buttons and check-boxes for more specific product details, add drop down menu for some special pre-set instructions. In other words, add more form fields on per-product. It will be awesome if here can be implemented the way that PHP Contact Form generator works when adding more fields.

    I would like to personalize/style the email that is being sent to the user, on the demo, the email being sent looks, very plain text, can I personalize/style it according to the design of my webpage?

    Lastly, can I eventually integrate this script with other script from phpjabbers?

    • Answer:

      1. No, the scripts are standalone products and cannot be combined together without custom coding.
      Such functionality will require custom changes in both the Catering System and the Member Login script. It will be easier if we add user accounts to the Catering system so that users can login and change their orders if needed.

      2. More options such as ability for users to make notes and add pictures for the products can be added as a custom change but we can only add fixed number of fields. Do you need these fields active for all the products or different group of products will have different options? Unfortunately, it is not possible to make the functionality as in the PHP Contact Form generator script.

      3. The email notifications can be customized in the script administration panel - under the Options-->Notifications menu. There is built-in text editor that you can use to change the text and styles.

      It will cost less if we modify the Catering System than combining multiple scripts into a single system. In all cases it will require custom coding.

  • Question #229

    received on 10th January, 2017

    Callback Widget

    How do I set the Call Back widget form to the open position on page load?

    • Answer:

      You need to edit:

      app/views/pjFront/pjActionForm.php file line 14 and change the div class from sectionCallBack to sectionCallBack sectionCallBackStepOne

  • Question #228

    received on 24th January, 2017

    Cleaning Business Software

    Hi. Yes thats what im referring to. If they jusy click an oven clean onto the original clean which is just 30 minutes it doesnt add any extra money onto the original amount which it should add another 30 minutes with the price otherwise it means that the oven clean is free which doesnt make sense? The 30 minutes should total £7 each.

    • Answer:

      The script allows you to set price per hour for cleaning. The total price for booking is based on the time you will need for the bedrooms and bathrooms cleaning and the time for extras.

      Extras do not have their own price and to calculate them we simply add the additional time for them to the total time and multiply it by the price per hour. When each next hour starts client is charged for this hour also.

      Do you want extras to have their own price and to be excluded from the hourly price calculations?

  • Question #227

    received on 16th January, 2017

    Cleaning Business Software

    Hi Php jabbers!

    Loving my software.

    Just wondering... i want to be able to take online payments only i find that authorize.net is a little pricey. If i wanted paypal or another payment system on there what sort of price am i looking at to have you guys set up a different payment system?

    Kind regards

    • Answer:

      In admin panel you should have both options for Authorize.net and PayPal, see attached. For PayPal you have to add your business(merchant) email so money are sent to it.

  • Question #226

    received on 3rd January, 2017

    Bus Reservation System

    Hi, I'm just confused and don't know how the system works. I have Paypal business account. what do i have to do to integrate automatic credit card payments on my site?

    I have one word 'Bus' that I am not able to change to 'Boat' shown on the attached image. Can you change this for me or tell how can I do this?

    • Answer:

      1.The supported payment methods in the script are:

      Online payment processing:
      - PayPal payments - you need to have a business account at PayPal; on the front-end users are redirected to PayPal website where they can pay with their PayPal account or by credit card
      - Authorize.Net payments - you need to have an account at Authorize.Net; on the front-end users are redirected to Authorize.Net website where they can pay by credit card

      Offline payment methods
      - credit card payments - this option is not linked to a payment processing company; the script only collects the credit card details and stores them in the database
      - cash payments - users will pay on arrival
      - wire transfer - in this case the script can list bank details for the transfer

      The credit card payment option can be linked to a payment provider of your choice with custom coding. We make this as a custom change for a fee. In order to provide an estimate we will need API integration documentation from the payment provider you want to use.

      2. You can use the "Show IDs" option under the Settings-->Languages-->Translate menu. This will display an id next to each title. Then you can go to the translate page and search for the text (bus, for example). You can find the correct ID for the title. Please, see the screenshots attached.

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