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Questions & Answers

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Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #225

    received on 1st January, 2017

    Bus Reservation System

    How can I accept payments on my site ? I think I have to connect Paypal business account with my site but don't know how to do it? If customers are paying by credit card and the Paypal account is not connected, where does the money go?

    Can you please help me asap?

    • Answer:

      You can set your Paypal account in script options. If you have merchant account you should be able to receive credit card payments from Paypal also.

      Do you mean you have enabled Credit Card collection option in payments? If so credit card details are stored in this case and you have to process the payment manually.

  • Question #224

    received on 27th January, 2017

    Car Park Booking System

    We are facing one issue with confirmation emails. We had set a custom confirmation email with logo and picture insert. The main problem is that in some cases of gmail and all cases with outlook, inserts isn't showed. I'm adding a prtsc. Will be waiting for a reply what couse this problem and how we can fix it. Many thanks.

    • Answer:

      This is a setting of the email client. In some case you need to allow the client to display external images?

      On the screenshot from gmail, for example - does the image display if you click on "display images below" link? Please, check the settings to see if under General "Images" setting is set to "Always display external images".
      There should be similar setting for Outlook.

  • Question #223

    received on 4th January, 2017

    Event Ticketing System

    Thanks the barcode is now readable and the PDF is being received via email.
    Can you tell us where to edit the template for the PDF ticket? The barcode placement needs to be adjusted.

    • Answer:

      You can edit the PDF ticket from Admin Panel - Events menu - edit event tab - PDF Ticket tab.

      You can change the PDF ticket barcode style editing the function generateBarcode in app/controllers/components/pjTicketPdf.component.php

  • Question #222

    received on 5th January, 2017

    Event Ticketing System

    I successfully hacked my GATEMAN script by creating another instance of it in a different directory, logging in as an Administrator and then changing the URL part which specifies the installation directory to the name of the actual installation to hack and voila, I am in the Administrator backend of the other installation.
    How do I prevent this from happening?
    I changed the PJ_SALT in the config file, but this does not help.

    • Answer:

      Do you mean that both installations have the same admin user and when you log into one of the administration panel you can also access the other one as admin user? What you can do is to manually change the server session name to be unique for the second installation. It is recorded in this file - index.php - in the main script folder.


  • Question #221

    received on 18th January, 2017

    Availability Booking Calendar

    When i put the Booking terms content it's not visible on under the booking form ? Need to confirm how this pricing working based on +adult & children and days.

    • Answer:

      You need to click on the terms of booking link to see the Calendar booking terms added in Admin Panel for the certain calendar.

      About the prices:

      The prices are based per nights and the system will calculate the total price using the Default night price added under the Pricing tab for the calendar. But if there is additional price added for 2 adults and 1 child - the system will take this additional price if the client chooses 2 adults and 1 child during his booking.

      You can set different price depending on the selected adults and children.

  • Question #220

    received on 20th January, 2017

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    Perfect, the only question is regarding the 48 hours to be able to cancel. Because I do a reservation with less than 48 hs and I can cancel

    • Answer:

      Please, set 48 hours in your Admin Panel - Options menu - Reservations tab - "Do not allow client to cancel slot if there are less than XX hours before the start time of the slot" option.

      Currently the value is only 2 hours.

      Please, check the value and test the system again.

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  • Question #219

    received on 29th January, 2016

    STIVA Shopping Cart

    I am using shopping cart v4.2 and my customer is going to have a flat fee for postage but wants to offer free postage over a certain shopping cart total i.e £169.99 has postage of £4.99 but orders over £200 will have free postage.

    With older versions of the shopping cart we could offer a voucher of £4.99 that would apply to orders over a certain amount.

    Could we do something similar with v4.2?

    • Answer:

      There is a free shipping column under Options-->Shipping&Tax menu in the script administration panel - please, see the screenshot attached. It means that orders above this amount will be with free shipping.

      There is also a Vouchers section in the script administration panel but you cannot set that a voucher would apply to orders over a certain amount. If you need to use a voucher like this we can customize the script.

  • Question #218

    received on 29th January, 2016

    Restaurant Booking System

    We have a client who owns a small restaurants group (6 restaurants) and growing. He asked us for a qoutation about a private reservation system for his group. I have founded you´re vía google and greats comments about your company. I would like to make some previous questions in order to stimate the posibility of using your script and your developement and coding service. Sorry for my poor english.. :(

    1.- It´s possible to manage more than one restaurant in the admin Panel?

    2.- it´s possible to have custom email templates for each restaurant?

    3.- It would be possible to insert the reservation snippet inside a worpress website?

    4.- We dont need the deposit fee it´s possible to delete the option?

    5.- It´s possible the admin translated into spanish?

    6.- The system send email notifications as reservation confirmation?

    7.- It´s possible to add new restaurants?

    8.- We need the reservations system (Frontend) in two languages (Spanish & English) It´s this possible?

    9.- I have seen in the admin an SMS module. Do you have any experience working with SMS in Spain? We´ll love to notify our clients vía SMS.

    10.- I think that i have seen this feature in the admin demo but, It´s possible multilevel access to the admin sytem?

    11.- The reservation process (Frontend) It´s 100% responsive?

    12.- Could we make css changes for each reservation form depending on the restaurant we are making a reservation?

    13.- All works must be developed in our server and need the code of the system inside. It´s possible?

    14.- Restaurants are not opened all day. Could we make time intervals by day in our availability?

    for example: opened from 13:30 to 16:30 and 20:30 to 12:30

    Of course, i assume that all this things could be developed by your team but i would like to know how much of this list are free features or arew now working on the free script. If are not included i would like the quotation for develope it and time to complete the developement tasks by your team.

    • Answer:

      1.- No, by default the script can work with one restaurant only. We can add ability to manage more than one restaurant as a custom change.

      2.- It is possible (if we customize the script to support multiple restaurants).

      3.- Yes, it is possible to integrate the search form on a WordPress page. The script administration panel, however, cannot be part of WordPress, there will be separate URL and login details for it. For the integration of the front-end form you just have to copy/paste a piece of javascript code on the page.

      4.- There is a setting in the script administration panel to disable the payments and accept reservations only.

      5.- Yes, there is an option to export the text in a file, make the translation and then import it back into the script.

      6.- Yes, the system can send email confirmation after the reservation.

      7.- If we customize the system to support multiple restaurants it will be possible to add new restaurants. By default multiple restaurants are not supported.

      8.- Yes, you can add as many languages as you need but each new language is by default in English. You have to make the translation yourself (Options-->Languages menu in the script administration panel).

      9.- The SMS service is paid additionally. The fee is monthly:

      The script can send sms reminders to the customers XX hours before the reservation start time. For the purpose your hosting account needs to support cron jobs. The supported operators for Spain are:
      Airtel (Vodafone)
      France Telecom Espana S.a (Amena)
      Telefonica Moviles (Movistar)
      Xfera Moviles

      10.- In this script there are two built-in user roles - admins and editors. The editors are with limited access and can manage only the reservations - they see the list with all reservations and can add/edit/remove them. There is no option to define more user roles or to set permissions for the existing roles.

      11.- Yes, the front-end layout is responsive.

      12.- How exactly do you need to use the script in case of multiple restaurants? Do you want to have separate page for each restaurant?

      13.- Yes, all files will be hosted on your own server. there will be no connection between the application and our servers. Such connection is established only during the installation process so that the licence key can be verified.

      14.- No, there is no option to set breaks. Can you give some examples?

      We make all kind of custom changes to our scripts. Please, describe in more details how you need to use the system and what features are required and we can discuss proper modifications.

  • Question #217

    received on 30th January, 2016

    Food Delivery Script


    We would like to activate the SMS feature on this system.
    How to purchase an API key?


    • Answer:

      You need first to purchase SMS API key. You can find more details as well as the supported plans here:

      Let us know once you subscribe to some of our plans so we can send you API key.