After the launch of our Shuttle Booking Software, we have received multiple modification requests from clients who needed to adapt it to their taxi service, respectively limousine hire websites. Following the latest technology and customer behaviour trends, they wanted to improve their websites' UX and boost sales by integrating an online booking functionality into their corporate sites. Though the shuttle software covered a big part of their business process requirements, there were still some essential differences deriving from the specific nature of their services. That’s how we decided to set up these custom modifications into two separate web solutions designated for the taxi, resp. limo rental businesses. They go under the product names Limo Booking Software and Taxi Booking Script.

In order to help you make the best choice between these three transfer service scripts, we will outline some of their key differences.

Transfer scripts differences

Of course, all three scripts can be further customized in order to meet the exact needs of each shuttle, taxi or limo hire company. If you have any questions or still feel unsure which of the solutions you should use, we advise you to explore their demo versions and then contact us.

Demos:  Shuttle Booking Software | Limo Booking Software | Taxi Booking Script


You may also take advantage of two other transportation and automotive scripts available on - Car Rental Script and Bus Reservation System. Our powerful online booking system will meet the needs of every rent-a-car owner who wants to manage car inventory and take reservations directly on their website. Bus transfer providers, on the other hand, can automate the ticket sale process and offer their customers a better online service by integrating our bus booking system.