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Ticket Booking Script 2.1

by Dimitar Ivanov /  Updates & Releases

It’s less than two months since we have launched a new major version for our most popular Ticket Booking Script and now we are ready with a minor update. Thanks to all of you for the invaluable feedback and all improvement ideas you’ve sent to us! 


We’ve made the new ticket booking system better fit for all cinemas and theaters. You can create multiple movies and shows, manage halls and seats, create a performance schedule, accept bookings etc. Check the demo to see how it works! 


Our dev team has also introduced a new front end layout based on Bootstrap that works flawlessly on mobile devices with different screen sizes. What’s more, with the new 2.1 update we’ve enhanced the user interface by adding ten different color schemes, so that the ticket reservation system can blend with almost any website design. It’s a breeze to further customize the themes - you just need to edit the corresponding CSS file.


Ticket booking interface example compilation


We’ve also embedded the latest pjLocale plugin, so that you can easily translate and change all system texts. Enjoy the new Ticket Booking Script 2.1 and keep sharing your ideas with us!  Together we deliver better products to our clients!


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