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Paperless menu script

by PHPJabbers team /  Updates & Releases

One of the recent recommendations coming from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) in regards to the current COVID-19 situation encouraged us to create a modified version of one of our most popular scripts, Restaurant Menu Maker, to help restaurant business owners around the world run their businesses in these difficult times. Both organizations discourage the use of reusable menu cards, which are considered potential carriers of coronavirus, and so we decided to create a Paperless menu script. 


As the name says it will be used by restaurant owners to allow clients to view menus on their mobile devices and easily make an order without touching paper menus any more and stay protected from COVID virus. 


You can click on any of the following links to view the demo script and read below for explaining how it works.


  • Administration page - here
  • The web page for the restaurant staff to view all orders - here
  • Front end for clients to view the menu and make orders - here


How it works


As with the  Menu Maker script, first, you need to set your menu through the administration page. Add your products and special offers. Then set up the tables in your restaurant. Just add all tables numbers/IDs that you have as later they will be used to assign orders.


Once this is done open the Orders page and a list of all tables will be printed. This page should be known by your restaurant staff only.

Paperless Restaurant Menu Script


If a customer sits on a table, you should click the “New order” button for that table. This will start a new order for it and when clients order something it will be added to their table.


There is a unique randomly generated 4 digit code for each started order. You need to give this code to the client so that they can make an order using it. Once your clients open the Menu page they will be asked for such a code. Remember the code is specific to the order which on the other hand is linked to a certain table. Without a code, clients won’t be able to browse the menu and make an order.

Paperless Restaurant Menu Script


Another alternative is to click on the QR code image and it will open in a new page. Then you can just show that QR code using your phone to the client and they can scan it.


Entering a valid code will open the menu and current order details. Clients then can browse the menu and order all the meals and drinks they like.

Paperless Restaurant Menu Script


Once a product is ordered they will not be able to remove it. Only the waiter can make changes to the ordered products. At any time your clients can see all previously ordered products, the total amount for their order and also can request the bill, which will automatically close the order and will not allow them to add any more products. 


Restaurant staff can see details for each order. They can also modify the products ordered. 

Paperless Restaurant Menu Script


Once an order is finished the Close button should be clicked and the table will be marked as available. When a new client sits on the same table the “New Order” button should be clicked again and a new order will be opened for them.


How to download or purchase


If you are PHPJabbers client and have any of the following scripts (regular Developer licence, Mega Sale and User licence orders are excluded) we will give you this Paperless Menu Script for free - Restaurant Menu Maker, Restaurant Booking System, Food Delivery ScriptNight Club Booking Software.


Or you can purchase the Paperless Menu Script for $79. Developer licence available only! 


In both cases, contact our support team to arrange it for you!

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3 Comments to "Paperless menu script"


Marco / September 5, 2021 at 10:20 am

Same as Samer. QR code is printed on table. Customer scans and orders. Is that possible?
2nd question: when I buy the Mega Sale, is this script included?

Samer web

Samer web / August 13, 2020 at 20:54 pm

A very wonderful job, you respect .. I like that, yes, if there is an option for the restaurant cashier. Print an invoice + save an invoice
Question: Can he create one code for the table where he put the QR code image on the table used several times by new customers sitting at the table at different times

Ricker Muñoz

Ricker Muñoz / June 24, 2020 at 03:53 am

I'm interested

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