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New version is available for Simple CMS

by Desi Angelova /  Updates & Releases

We are happy to announce a new major update to one of our oldest script, the Simple CMS. The new major version is based on the latest PHPJabbers Framework. This means that it supports a whole new set of features, has an improved and super easy to use admin panel and is also suitable for our Extended Developer Program.


You can use this simple and easy content management system to create and manage multiple web sections on your website. 


Changelog Simple CMS v.5.0:


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Thank you for reading!

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17 Comments to "New version is available for Simple CMS"


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FrbetAmard / March 11, 2024 at 00:14 am

very good


Esbefraut / March 7, 2024 at 07:05 am

Cool, I've been looking for this one for a long time


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