For his website catalogue offering motorcycle parts, our client William Mas needed 3 CSV files stored on his server and containing different data for his products to be imported into our STIVA Shopping Cart script and updated once a day. In case of discrepancies between the source files and our PHP e-commerce script, the new products are added to the system, the already present products are updated, and the ones that are present only in our system, are not deleted.

Custom Project Shopping Cart

For this purpose, we had to enable auto FTP import using cron and made the following modifications:

  • Login details for the server where the files are stored can be set in the script options.

  • The main file ("MAINFILE.CSV") contained multiple fields that our PHP shopping cart did not support by default. We have changed our script so that it can support those fields and import them.

  • The client didn't need the product quantity. It is used only to indicate if they are in stock or not. That's why the "HAS_STOCK" column only shows Yes/No.

  • There are two prices for each product - retail price and dealer price. The dealer prices are for admin use only and not visible to the customers online.

    Client CSV file custom project

  • We have imported the product descriptions from the second file "FILE2.CSV" ("DESCR1" refers to "Short description" and "DESCR2" refers to "Long description" in our script).

  • The "FILE3.CSV" file contained fields that our script didn't not support by default so we changed it so that it can support those fields (4 new fields for each product were necessary - Start Year, End Year, Model and Fit note) and import them.

  • We have added a new section for each product where the admin can manually add text and also enabled the search tool to look for text in this new section, too.

If you need similar or further custom modifications to our Shopping Cart script, don't hesitate to contact us with your exact requirements!