Our customer Aly Yangson from Kuwait asked us to develop a custom script that reads information from his self-composed SQL database and displays it in table format. People are able to look up entries (documents and attachments) by different search criteria. There is no admin panel, only a front-end system. Let's see how this all works:


  • When clicking on a particular document or attachment, users can see more detailed information about it. 

    PHPJabbers custom script

  • Users are able to export (visible) results to CSV.

  • Users are also able to search for attachments. They just need to click on the "Search Attachment" tab.

    Search for documents and attachments

  • Some of the fields on the pop-up form are editable and can be saved in a client's table.

  • Users are also able to delete documents. When a document is deleted, all files associated with the document (attachments and images) are also deleted from the server.

    Delete documents

Feel free to request any PHP/MySQL-based custom web tool! Just contact us and tell us what you need!