News Update [Sept. 09]: The ticket reservation system is now released and available for purchasing. See the Bus Reservation System here...


New release is coming soon! A bus ticket schedule script for reserving bus tickets online. 


The Bus Schedule Script is an online ticket booking system which will help you install a powerful self booking system on any website. The script is equipped with e-ticket generator, online payments and multilanguage support. As always with the PHPjabbers scripts, this online booking system is a highly customizable and offers support for multiple payments and currency, and more...


See a little sneak peek below and tell us what you think in the comments.


bus schedule script

[Bus Schedule Script Front-end] Easily book tickets online.


The followinfg features are available with Bus Schedule Script:


*BUS ROUTE MANAGEMENT: add departure, arrival and transit destinations, create bus tours with multiple transit destinations, define time traveling and schedules. 


route and bus management  


*PRICE MANAGEMENT: add rates for different groups, such as children, seniors and adults. Also you can add vouchers and discounts that users can use while reserving a ticket via the online bus scheduler. 


price management


*BUS SEATS BOOKINGS AND INTERACTIVE MAP: using the Bus Schedule Script you can upload a seat map so user are able to select seats by themselves while booking a bus travel with your company.


bus schedule intractive map



*BOOKING REPORTS AND TIMETABLE DAILY SCHEDULE statistics to help you keep track on bookings on a date-to-date basis. 


bus schedule booking reports



 TinyMce is integrated to help you create electronic ticket template which uses dynamic data. Tickets are instantly sent to users after they confirm and pay bookings. 


bus ticket generator



Translate the bus schedule system in any language you wish using only the admin panel. You can easily add multilanguage support on the front-end and allow users to switch languages with a click of the button.






Upload your own terms, create a customised booking form, upload your own customised copmany baner or logo, manage email notifications, edit front-edn button text and titles ... all is customizable using the admin panel of the Bus Ticket Scheduler. 


content management


The script is now at the final development stage and will be available on very soon. Stay tuned for the official release! Subscribe for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, Twitter or Google +