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STIVA Appointment Scheduler 2.2

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

We’ve just released a new minor upgrade of our Appointment Scheduler script. There are number of improvements, small bug fixes and completely new front end layouts. See a list with updates we’ve completed:

  • 2 new layouts each with 10 different color themes. You have the option to show either services that you offer or the employees who do these services

New Layouts


  • Latest pjInvoice plugin has been added to better handle invoicing
  • Latest pjLocale plugin has been added so you can now easily manage languages and translate/change all text messages of your online appointment system
  • TinyMCE is used when setting up all notification emails
  • Bookings export in XML, CSV and iCal functionality has been added
  • Duplicate booking prevention has been implemented so multiple people using different computers cannot book same employee & service at the same time
  • Now multiple administrators can receive email notifications
  • Appointment scheduling system dashboard has been also improved
  • New jQuery time picker is used for setting working times

Examples of the working times' time picker screens


If you have 2.x version for our Appointment Scheduler script you can download the latest version from free. For those of you who use 1.x version, contact us and claim your 50% upgrade discount.

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