We are happy to announce that the first PHP script to benefit from the new framework is Restaurant Booking Script. You can check its demo, order an upgrade or make a new purchase! If you have an old version, read below for an Upgrade offer.


The most important change is the PHP framework used. Not only the back-end UI is completely renovated and is now fully responsive, but the actual PHP framework is also improved. It is still based on our own framework but a number of changes related to security and speed have been implemented. We will soon write an in-depth blog about these changes.


Responsive Back-end


One of the most important framework changes is that the scripts will now be based on plugins. If you are already using our products, you know that some of the components used within the scripts are built as external plugins. A good example is the payment plugins - PayPal, authorize.net, etc.. With the new framework, we now have a master plugin for all system options. This will make it easy to keep the same system options for all scripts and updating a script to the latest system options will be a matter of minutes. 


Here is a list of these common system options:

  • General settings - such as timezone, date, time, currency format 
  • API keys - a single place to put all third-party API keys - Google Map, Facebook login, etc..
  • Email settings - where you configure how emails are sent - using PHP mail() or SMTP. You will be able to easily verify SMTP login details and send a test email to your account
  • SMS settings
  • Languages - add new languages and easily translate all labels
  • *Login & Protection - we've spent a lot of time on improving security and now you have a complete control to configure passwords strength and login functionality
  • *Captcha & Spam  - easily configure captcha used on back-end login and front-end, as well as block specific IP addresses from accessing your script
  • *Visual & Branding  - choose from 3 different color themes for your back-end and with developer license easily change the branding
  • Cron jobs - a completely new way to manage cron jobs. View all executed cron jobs and manually run each one of them.
  • Back-up - it's now easy to set an automatic back-up for your database and files

 * completely new functionality


Along with these common system options an advanced user management is available within the main plugin. There are two type of users - Administrator and Regular user. With just a few clicks you can configure specific access permissions for each user, letting them access only parts of the script.


Another major improvement is adding a total of 9 online payment gateways available by default.


Responsive Payment gateways


You can enable/disable any one of them. As with current versions, 2 offline payment methods are available too - Cash and Wire transfers, where clients may choose them upon checkout but no actual payment is being made.


If you have an old version for Restaurant Booking System, as per our licence agreement you can upgrade with 50% OFF. For a limited time only, until 10th of July 2018, we offer you an upgrade for 33% only. Contact us for details.


Feel free to explore the demo and let us know what you think :)