Blog writers needed


We are looking for creative and experienced writers that can produce informative yet creative content. As we build, manage, and optimize websites for clients all over the world, we use that content to attract new visitors to our websites, to convert leads to customers and last but not least, to give value to existing customers.


We offer you the chance to work from home writing for blogs that cover the following topics:

  • Website builders
  • Website optimization
  • Website development


If you enjoy researching topics on the web, writing reviews, analyzing current trending topics online, and sharing your opinions, this is an excellent opportunity for you to build a creative and fulfilling career. Don’t have any experience in these fields? Do not worry – as long as you’re willing to learn, we will give you a fair chance!


You should:

  • Be proficient in typing
  • Have an advanced understanding and use of grammar
  • Must be able to self-check and edit your material
  • Must be able to research a variety of topics
  • Personable writing that resonates with the general population
  • Knowledge of white hat SEO practices is a plus, but not required


This job doesn’t just require you to write — you write to educate, increase awareness and engage the mind of our readers.


Test Assignment

Write two paragraphs of text, each 150 words long, based on the following subjects:


#1 paragraph  - Explain why a company should have a website

#2 paragraph  - Explain what a website builder is


Remember to include any images that you feel would suit the text and bring it to life! Be as creative as possible as your writing should be a masterpiece; it should make thousands of people want to like and share it. 


Please tell us about yourself and send your test assignment to


We look forward to hearing from you!