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5 Ways Food Delivery System Will Boost Your Restaurant Business

by Desi Angelova /  Useful Resources

Having an online food delivery system can boost your restaurant business in a number of ways and create more marketing opportunities for your business. Nowadays, Internet is one very profitable market channel which if used right, may have a huge impact on your business. Business software solution not only help you spread your services online but are developed to optimize your business processes and make workflow easier.


With integration of online food ordering systems in their website, restaurateurs allow their customers to order food online. There are number of reasons why having an online food ordering system is a must for today's restaurants.



Having an online food ordering script on your website will work 24/7 for taking customers orders even when you are asleep and you restaurant is closed. Would you hire a person to work 24/7? Probably not! Also, think about how many orders can take a single person over the phone. The answer is not as many as a food delivery software will do. Software solutions are designed to serve multiple customers at the same time; calculation is easy -  more customers mean more profit for you.



If a person cannot effectively serve customers why should you pay him a salary rather than pay one-time fee for a food delivery software which can do better. When you have a small business it's important to reduce any necessary expense you may have, so you can increase your profit margin and have more money to invest in growing your business. Nowadays, there are many existing business software solution that may optimize business processes in many ways and reduce expenses.



Banner ads are simple image advertisements that invite website users to click them to be displayed the advertiser’s website. The effectiveness of the banner ads is controversial nowadays, but the importance of having the right calls-to-action and incentives is definitely backed up of all research on the subject. It's proved that having an actual CTA in you online adverts is 100 times more effective than not.  So an 'Order now' call-to-action can have strong impact on users and lead to a higher clink-through rate and more customers as well. 



Grow your business by serving customers at their home. If your restaurant already enjoyed a full busy days and nights, you should consider the opportunity to bring your restaurant to people's home. You can grow your business only by hiring a few delivery men and installing a food ordering script that helps you optimize processes and automate food ordering.



An online food delivery system will automate the entire process, allowing you to quickly process orders from kitchen to delivery, and streamline business processes. A process automation can improve efficiency across a range of industries and boost employee productivity and profitability.


Below are a few suggestion of simple, affordable and to-the-point business solutions that will help you create, manage and embed a food delivery system to your restaurant website. 


PHPjabbers' Food Delivery Script will let you create custom menu list, manage menu categories, orders, pick-up and delivery areas, payment options and vouchers. The Food Delivery Script is deployable product which means it will work on a server. You need to install the food ordering script onto your hosting account. With PHPjabbers' scripts this is by no means a hard task. An install wizard will guide you through the process and install the script for you. 


The script is offered for a small one-time fee under two licensing options which makes it an affordable solution for both small restaurant owners and web designers looking for 3rd part script to use in projects.


Order PHPjabbers' Food Delivery Script


If the idea of installing and maintaining applications on your own server isn't something you like, I will be happy to hear that there is another  way -  EzyFoodDelivery.


EzyFoodDelivery is a free hosted food ordering system and provides a stable fully supported software solution for anyone who wants to start out a food delivery service. EzyFoodDelivery is a high-end online ordering system that works on any website or as a standalone system. This means that you can use the system with or without embedding it into your website. Designed with a number of features, ezyFoodDelivery provides management with a number of features to enhance delivery services. 


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Thank you for reading!

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