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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each


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  • A Must-Have Bundle For Every Webmaster

    • by Veselin Stoilov
    • Deals & Offers

    Take advantage of our special PHP Script Bundle: Basics! It includes 5 PHPJabbers scripts every webmaster needs on a daily basis. Get the 5 scripts pack for a little over the half of their total price. Using our One admiN feature you can install and switch between all products with a single login.

  • GIVEAWAY: Get Your Own Copy Of PHP News Script for FREE!

    • by Veselin Stoilov
    • Deals & Offers

    Enter this giveaway to win a Developer Licence for the latest PHPJabbers release - PHP News Script. We will give a Developer Licence for FREE to 10 of our loyal clients. With the PHP News Script you can easily add a news widget to your website and manage news articles.