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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #14

    received on 20th January, 2017

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    Perfect, the only question is regarding the 48 hours to be able to cancel. Because I do a reservation with less than 48 hs and I can cancel

    • Answer:

      Please, set 48 hours in your Admin Panel - Options menu - Reservations tab - "Do not allow client to cancel slot if there are less than XX hours before the start time of the slot" option.

      Currently the value is only 2 hours.

      Please, check the value and test the system again.

  • Question #13

    received on 20th January, 2016

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    Question regarding Time Slot Booking Calendar:
    Can you guys sync the booking with Google Calendar? How much this would cost me?
    Does the Wordpress plugin has both the frontend and backend within Wordpress???

    • Answer:

      Yes, you can synchronize the bookings made on the calendar with google calendar. However this will be only one direction synchronization - from the script to the calendar. If you made changes in the calendar this will not reflect on the script.

      As for wordpress - Our script is a standalone product and not a Wordpress plugin. It needs to be installed on your hosting account separately (not as a part of WordPress installation).

      After script installation all you have to do is to copy/paste the code under Install menu on your WordPress page. You can check the video for WordPress at the bottom of this page (it is for different script but the steps are the same):

  • Question #12

    received on 18th January, 2016

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    Question 1: I have created a calendar but have not installed it yet. I cannot figure out how to remove the default time setup. I want to use only custom dates and times but the calendar in preview mode displays one appointment per hour for the entire day unless I specifically add a customized setup. Is there a way to remove the default day/time setup so only the days I set up are available? I thought I did this before but now I can't figure out what I did.

    2) I have created some time slots but cannot create more than one booking per slot. For example, I want to create a time slot that starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 11:30 AM (actually 12:00 but that's a different issue), no lunch break and allow up to 4 bookings. Everything is saved except the number of bookings, which is reset back to 1 any time I change it. Am I doing something wrong?

    3) When hovering over a date that has bookings available the pop-up area the displays the time range isn't wide enough to display all of the text. The time range is cut off. The middle column that displays "Available" is OK. I don't know what's supposed to display in the third column so I don't know if it's wide enough. Please fix the first column so that the user can see the entire time range.

    • Answer:

      1. You can show only the custom rates on the front-end part if you set 0 Bookings per slot for all the default rates for each one of the week days.

      2. Editing a custom rate - the system resets the Bookings per slot value to one by default. You need this option to keep the set value, right?

      Please, provide Admin panel details, so we can login in your system, check the settings and will do our best to provide you a proper solution ASAP.

  • Question #11

    received on 18th January, 2016

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    There are 2 questions, I have:
    - How can i delete a calendar, that is not in use anymore?
    - Can I configure the time slots, that can be choosen? (We need time slots with length of 20 minutes)

    • Answer:

      You can delete a calendar from the Admin Panel - Calendars menu - delete icon. See the attached file.

      However, we see that your Admin Panel does not look as like on our demo, so please update the following file:

      core/framework/.htaccess and delete the first line: Options -Indexes

      We can add 20 minutes Slot length if you provide us FTP details and phpMyAdmin access for your installation.

  • Question #10

    received on 13th January, 2016

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    So I understand it like this for your scripts:

    1) Make one database called demos and install one script there (your script 1) and let the install wizard install that one as normal.
    Then install a second script (your script nr 2) and the install wizard will tell us everything to do or do we need to do something with tables in cpanel etc?

    set prefix (on the step when it requires to enter MySQL details
    This prefix is this the one that comes with our cpanel or do we need to change that prefix?

    • Answer:

      No, you do not have to do anything more once the MySQL database is created.
      Just if you install for example Time Slots Booking Calendar for a second time in the same database you have to put unique table prefix on this step - please, see the screenshot attached. This will guarantee that unique set of tables is created in the database for this installation. For example if the default table name is "`ts_booking_bookings" and you put prefix "customer1_" then the table name will become "customer1_ts_booking_bookings". This prefix will be added to all tables that the installation process generates. When you check the database via phpMyAdmin tool you will be able to make difference between all installations of the Time Slots Calendar script according to this prefix.

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