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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #9

    received on 25th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    We have implemented Keyword search feature in our website as per the coding instructions given in your Property Listings script. We have used = LIKE operators to the corresponding fields in the query (joins).

    Keyword search will find the words in the following property information - Property Title, Asset Class, Address, Location, State, Zipcode, Price, Floor Area, Description, Owners Name, Owners Email Address, Owners Phone numbers, and Agents name.

    If we search any address (36 East Street) in the Keyword Search option, we are getting 1300 records in 25 seconds. Please let us know to optimize the query as per your coding style.

    • Answer:

      In order to give you directions about the code we need first to see and analyze your current code so, we can give you any advice for improvements. Unfortunately, we can not do that for free as I am sure you will agree this is not part of the free support services.

      Few notes, though:
      1. Are you looking for any words in the provided by the user? If you want to search for each provided word you may consider using full-text search method:
      2. If you are looking for the searched keywords as a whole string (not divided by single words), you can simply create one huge index over the fields you are checking. This will greatly improve the performance, however, will greatly increase the disk space used by the MySQL tables.
      3. Use the "explain" SQL method to see where the query is slow and improve that part

  • Question #8

    received on 20th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    I'm interested in purchasing the Property Listing script, but I was wondering if the "Show Owner Contact" option in the Admin Control Panel (Demo version) is functioning properly.

    I switched the option to "No" to hide the owner contact information, but the only thing hidden is the "Contact Us" button - the information remains.

    Question 2: Does the Reference ID transfer into the "Contact Us" email or how does the person receiving the email know which property the email is about?

    • Answer:

      1) Yes, the option to hide the owner details is not functioning properly on the demo installation but we have fix for this. There will be a minor update soon with some code improvements (including the issue for hiding the owner details).

      2) There is a request details button that opens a contact form. The notification message that the admin/owner gets is customizable in the script administration panel, under the Options menu.
      If you clcik directly on the owner email then you can send directly an email to them but with free text. If the form is used then there are tokens to list the property ID on the message.

  • Question #7

    received on 18th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    Hello, I have a question. Why I can see on images that there is a red layout for properties but in the demo is only listing layout?

    • Answer:

      Under the Preview menu you can choose different Themes for the front-end part.

      You can check all the supported Themes there.

  • Question #6

    received on 17th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    i just want to know how can i change the bathrooms and bedrooms amount in the admin panels?

    • Answer:

      You can change the bathrooms and bedrooms amount from the Admin Panel - Properties tab - edit property option - Details tab.

  • Question #5

    received on 8th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    Can I integrate your software in Joomla?
    Can the listings have a creation date and an expiration date (with email notification to the admin 15 days before the expiration date?)
    Can the listings have textbox type features?( to fill in distance from the nearest airport).
    Can we show offers in the front end?(chosen listings by the admin).
    How much is the cost for all the above?

    • Answer:

      1) No, the Property Listing script cannot be integrated directly on a Joomla page. It uses a PHP code for front-end integration, and Joomla does not allow such code to be executed on its pages. The only option is to implement the front-end part on an external PHP page and then on the Joomla pages to use iframe code pointing to this external page.

      2) The listings have an expiration date, and they can be published based on this expiration date. However, if you need special email notifications sent 15 days before the expiration, it will require some custom coding. We can make this as a modification for a fee.

      3) You can include this information in the property description. If you need a special field for the distance from the airport, it can be added as a custom change too.

      4) Do you mean that you want to display specific items only on a separate page? Or do you need a special section for "offers"? Can you provide mode details?

  • Question #4

    received on 6th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    Is there some way to make the property listing show up on the index.html, and how can i get the floor plan to show on the propertylisting.

    • Answer:

      Yes, you can implement the listing on the index page. You have to rename the page to "index.php" and then copy/paste on it the code under the "Install" menu in the script administration panel. We can make sample page if you want.

      The Property Listing script has built-in feature to show floor plan - it is under Properties-->edit-->Floor Plan tab - please, see the screenshot attached. It displays on the front-end link to download a file with the floor plan.

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  • Question #3

    received on 5th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    Where can i change at the Property Listing Script the sqm into m² ?

    • Answer:

      You can edit this in one of the tables in the MySQL database - "property_listing_options". Just edit the value for "o_floor_metric".

  • Question #2

    received on 27th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    Good point on both. I don't plan on using a cms. I may use iframe. I'm familiar with it. I'll look into creating php pages. Not sure about how, I think I just change the extension from .html to .php. My header is merely a jpg image file, so shouldn't be too difficult.

    • Answer:

      Yes, the .php page is the same like the html one, just the extension has to be.php. Just create an html page and when it is ready, rename it to be a .php one and add the integration code on it.

      Regarding the map tab - do you mean that customers will enter a location and then the map will be displayed for all properties for that location? Is this how you need it to work?

  • Question #1

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    I want to place front end in an html page that will resemble other pages that have the header. Do I create an html page and insert code? I think I read something somewhere about that. I'll play around with it for a bit, but thanks for help.

    • Answer:

      The script uses php integration code for the front-end part and you will be able to integrate it only on php pages.

      If you need to add it on html page - you have to use Iframe code pointing to this index.php page /you can rename it as like you want /

      Could you add your website header on php pages? Do you use any CMS that does not allow php code to be added? like WordPress or Joomla?