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Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #2

    received on 18th January, 2016

    Member Directory Script

    I am getting a line of text when working with this PHP Membership Directory. I think it is due to me changing something in the code. I read somewhere with my license I can't do that. So no biggie -
    Question - I already have the membership entered how do I fix this without re-entering my members?
    Which files should I replace with original files ?

    • Answer:

      Yes, you may see this string if the files have not been uploaded in binary mode. It is important because most of the files with User licence are obfuscated. All you have to do is to re-upload all files except for the script configuration file - app/config/config.inc.php. It is very important to keep this file. You can see how to upload files in binary mode using some of the most popular FTP clients here http://www.phpjabbers.com/knowledgebase/ftp-clients

  • Question #1

    received on 5th January, 2016

    Member Directory Script

    I need to use the member directory as a vehicle (i was looking at auto classified and there are issues with that). So i like how the member directory functions, but i would need to change the input types. I can change language on some to make more sense, however i would need to remove the following:
    -- Age, Address, City, State, Zip, Country
    and in turn ADD:
    + Driver Name [type=text], Date of First Appearance [type=date (m/d/y)], Venue of First Appearance [type=input text]

    I can probably try to figure this out, but wanted to see how much this would cost before purchasing dev license. thanks

    • Answer:

      Do you just need to replace the fields with the new ones or you need also any layout changes?
      So instead of age, email, phone and address it will display Driver Name, Date of First Appearance and Venue of First Appearance. Is this your idea?

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