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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #198

    received on 27th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    1. Is it possible to order the list of properties on the main listing by price (ascending order) ? The featured properties would still remain at the top.

    2. This one may be harder. I have changed the text (via control panel) for the Sale and Rent variables to read as Fixed Price and Offers Over. This works well to highlight the two price types. However, I now wish to add an Offers Around type in addition. Is it possible to add this text in the control panel, and to indicate on property listing ?

    • Answer:

      1. It can be made but it will require some code changes. The file that you have to change is app/controllers/pjListings.controller.php

      2. This will require both code and database changes. If you want we can provide quote for this.

  • Question #197

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    Is it possible to change the text size of the SOLD and UNDER OFFER text on main property listing screen ? The text is too small at the moment and I would like to make this small change. Appreciate it if you could point me to the code to change. I only need to change the text size in the full property listings - not in detailed property listing or admin panel.

    • Answer:

      Currently the font-size is 75%. you can change it to 100% in the templates/layout1/css/bootstrap.min.css

      Or you can add .label font-size in theme.css file , that you use in your system.

  • Question #196

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Appointment Scheduler

    For the appointment book, are we able to have the user (when they are selecting an appointment time) NOT be able to schedule the appointment until the host of the schedule approves that the time slot works??

    • Answer:

      The system does not allow already booked time slot to be selected again.

      If the reservation is with status Confirmed - the selected time slot is not available.

      You can set when the system should change the reservation status and how exactly in the Admin Panel - Options menu - Bookings tab - "Default status for booked dates if paid" and "Default status for booked dates if not paid" options.

  • Question #195

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Shuttle Booking Software

    I love your product but i see that you dont have the option of make calculations with the values depending of the number of days of traveling.
    From 01 DEC to 03 DEC (3 days) to Mexico Ciy (drop-off location) in a Sprinter (vehicle): (Transfer fee Sprinter of 1 day +($2000*3 days)) = $Total price

    It wold be awesome if you can add this option :)

    How much can cost me this modification?

    • Answer:

      Yes, that price is fixed and it set per transfer From - To.

      We can add prices per day under the Transfers - Edit transfer - Prices tab as a custom change.
      If you are interested and want us to provide you a quote, please list here all your detailed requirements and provide examples for all the reservation cases that you need the system to support.
      Do you need to add different prices per day depending of the period of time /to be able to add Season prices/?

  • Question #194

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Restaurant Booking System

    I find your booking solution quite nice.
    But I have some questions:
    - I'd like to have public holidays (e.g. easter, mother's day...) displayed in the reservation form, when staff take reservations.
    Is there a way to manage this?
    - Quite similar: MESSAGES FOR STAFF should be displayed on chosen days as we offer special public events (BBQs, music events
    etc.). So staff can promote these events. (Could even be used to manually create holiday hints.)
    - More than one day off should be possible as we close three weeks in summer.
    - Do you offer BOOKING ON RESPONSIVE LAYOUT only for customers or also for the admin and staff?
    - Speaking of floor-plans: do you offer multiple (alt.) plans for one room?
    - Pricing: I don't quite get it, admittedly.
    I buy the tool ONCE for 99$ (right now it says 79$) get one tool free (e.g. Menu Maker).
    I book hosting service and pay 99$ per year. Is that really ALL?
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    • Answer:

      The above functionality is not supported by default, but we can add it. We make all kind of modifications, but to be able to provide you a quote - we will need some more information about the changes you want:

      1. Do you want to be able to mark holidays (add label) for different dates of the year? Where exactly in the backend do you want this text to show? Do you want when you select date from the calendar (either arrival or departure) that the title for this date (if there is such) to show somewhere on the screen, so it is clear that this is a special date?
      What if dates with label happen within selected period?

      2. Do you want these labels to be visible on the front end somehow and where will staff see those notes?

      3. Currently the administrator is able to set one day off. Do you mean that you need an option to set period as days off? If you need it just for 3 weeks during the year, I'm not sure if its worth having such change applied to the script. You can set each date as day off during this time.

      4. Only the front end is responsive. Admin panel is not. It can be done, but will be a lot of work.

      5. Multiple Seat Maps are not supported in the system. Do you mean that you need to add separate map for each restaurant floor? Will all the floors be opened each day or you should be able to close some of them for a certain day/period of time? Do they have the same working time?

      6. For $99 you can order Developer licence. You can take Menu Maker as a free script, but please note that all our free scripts are User licence only. You can always upgrade your User licence paying the difference between the licence prices.

      In order you need to use our Hosted service - you have to pay also $49 per year.

      Using our Remotely Hosted Service - you will have access only the script Admin Panel, but you can not access the script files on our server.

      You can read more about Remotely Hosted Service here:


  • Question #193

    received on 25th January, 2016

    Appointment Scheduler

    I'm using Appointment Scheduler 2.2 developer version.

    A couple of questions about the booking order processing sequence.

    1. Could you explain when a confirmation email is triggered/sent?
    (is that sent independently of the order status? i.e. can I have one, even
    if the order has not been paid- status pending).

    2. Related to (1), When does the pjActionProcessOrder method (which is in pjFrontEnd.controller.php file) is executed?

    I want to modify a variable in the confirmation email sent to the Admin but I am not sure when this function is being called.

    • Answer:

      1. The script can send two email notifications depending on the settings in the script administration panel - confirmation email message and payment email message. The confirmation payment message is sent right after the booking is saved, no matter of the booking status. The payment message is sent only in case of online payment and if the payment has been successful. If the transaction has not been confirmed by the payment company then the script will not send such email.

      2. The function that sends the emails is pjActionConfirmSend in the front pjFrontEnd.controller.php file. This function is used in several functions in the same controller, including in pjActionProcessOrder. The function pjActionProcessOrder is executed when the booking form is submitted.
      However, the function that display information on the message i.e. that replaces the tokens with the real data is getTokens in pjAppController.controller.php file.

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  • Question #192

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Auto Classifieds Script

    Can I make the pictures bigger? Preview page and the lager picture on truck page. In the CSS?

    • Answer:

      You can change the image dimension from /app/config/options.inc.php file(PJ_GALLERY_SMALL and PJ_GALLERY_MEDIUM). Please have in mind that once you change the size from mentioned file will have to re-upload the images.

  • Question #191

    received on 25th January, 2016

    STIVA Shopping Cart

    I have just bought a security certificate to secure my web shop. It works well with all the html pages in the site except the shop code which in the front end does not display at all and the back end is not formatted as if the code cannot find the css files.

    Please advise how to use the shop code with https?

    • Answer:

      Open this file: app/config/config.inc.php and change the install path from http://... to https://....

      This will solve the issues.

  • Question #190

    received on 25th January, 2016

    Member Login Script

    How much would it cost to create a member login where each group can login in on a specific page and log out.

    • Answer:

      With our script you can do that by default. Once you create your groups you can set home page for it and use PHP code to protect that page so other users cannot access it. Let us know if you need help setting it up.