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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #18

    received on 6th January, 2016

    Travel Tours Script

    We presently need a booking system for number of hotels offerings within a small area, where vacationers can avail a room or amenities package, we also want them to post blogs and share images on the site. We have a number of hotels within the vicinity and would like to consolidate all their offerings (rooms, rents, etc) and transact from there.

    Also, are you open to outsourcing? we could outsource some of our projects to you.

    • Answer:

      No, with this script only inquiries can be accepted, but there is no booking and payment functionality for the website users.

      Accounts and payments are for the "owners" who want to offer their properties/packages to the listing. They are charged for adding items on the listing.

      We make all kind of custom changes to our products, and we also build custom systems. If you are interested, please send us a list of all your requirements and we will be happy to discuss them in details and provide a quote for the work involved.

  • Question #17

    received on 13th January, 2016

    STIVA Shopping Cart

    How is it possible to use one «main» database and have many «databases» under this one?

    We have several scripts from ourselves, you and others that we want to feature for our local customers. Normally each script requires its own database – one database=one script.

    But when having several scripts this will be costly to buy at cpanel. How is it possible (maybe with prefixes and tables?)

    Is there a way to do this in cpanel or otherwise - using just one database and many scripts under that one (maybe using different prifixes or tables or something else ???)

    Thanks again Paco for all your help. Haven't tried the new shopping cart script you made yet but will soon – I'm sure it looks good!!!

    • Answer:

      Our scripts can use the same database. Just if you install one and the same script in the same database you have to use different table prefix. On our install wizard there is a special field where you can set prefix (on the step when it requires to enter MySQL details).
      I do not know, however, about the other scripts that you use. They may require separate databases and it may not be possible to use the same database.

  • Question #16

    received on 7th January, 2016

    Car Park Booking System

    I just wanted to know where i could find the email body codes?

    • Answer:

      About the Contact Form Generator script - the email with the submission data is sent in this php file:

  • Question #15

    received on 27th January, 2016

    Food Delivery Script

    I notice in the database, that the other two database user added, that they are somehow listed as "Privileged Users". The marie_louise one is not displaying as a Privileged User.

    Regarding FTP clients. I have used and made a connection using Filezilla, but I am confused when using it and would need direction. Once I see it done, once, maybe twice, I can then do it myself. It's just something I haven't figured out and I have zero computer training.....so it is amazing I have got this far, thanks to the expertise of people like you who can help along the way.

    • Answer:

      The database user needs to have all privileges, it needs to be a privileged user. If you face any difficulties you may ask your hosting provider for instructions how to set this.

      Regarding the FTP client - you need to use FTP user that connects to the website public directory. Then you have to create a new folder that is a sub-folder of the website root directory and upload the script files in it in binary mode.
      You can see how to upload files in binary mode using some of the most popular FTP clients here

      Then when you type in the browser URL for that folder the installer will start. Then all you have to do is to follow the steps on the screen. If you see any errors send us a screenshot of the error and we will check and provide further instructions.

  • Question #14

    received on 25th January, 2016

    Availability Booking Calendar

    I want that the check box ist preselected as default; checked ="checked", when reservation status is changed from "pending" to "cancelled"?
    Now there is a check box for sending email but the check box is not selected.

    • Answer:

      You can do this from this file: /app/views/pjAdminReservations/pjActionUpdate.php

      Search for "dialog_confirm" element and set it to be checked

  • Question #13

    received on 10th January, 2016

    Job Portal Website

    I downloaded the files from my server which the site is hosted on Hostgator

    and putted on the (C:\xampp\htdocs\Test) then all the files

    when i type localhost/Test i am getting an error which i have attached in this trend. Please help!!!

    Or give me a correct files

    • Answer:

      You can not download it and use it. You have to isntall the script. Please remove all entries from the app/config/config.inc.php file and this will start the installer.

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  • Question #12

    received on 26th January, 2016

    Time Slots Booking Calendar

    I like to buy the full version of Time Slots Booking Calendar (editable sript). what should i do and how to update it with the old one which i have in my live site.

    Thank You.

    • Answer:

      You can upgrade to Developer license by paying the price different, which is $40. Let us know if you want to order this.
      If you want we can update your installation for you so you will not lose any information.

  • Question #11

    received on 8th January, 2016

    Member Login Script

    Could you tell me how much it would be to upgrade this modified version of the forum to your latest version of the forum?

    • Answer:

      As per our license agreement you can obtain the new version with 50% discount. Please, note that the new version uses completely different database structure and files and upgrading your current installations will not be possible. You will have to make a new installation using the new version. Also, any custom modifications made to your current installation are not included in the new version that you will download. If you want to keep the modifications we will have to reapply them and will have to charge you for this.

  • Question #10

    received on 5th January, 2016

    Event Booking Calendar

    Hi Maya - many thanks for your reply. I can understand all the points but I need clarification on point 1.

    When we upload the script do you mean transfer the folders by ftp? This is what we have done.

    I'm not sure what you mean by install it using the table prefix for MYSql.

    Could you please clarify the exact process for step one, and hopefully that will allow us to proceed.

    Many thanks for your help

    • Answer:

      1)Yes, I mean to move script folder to new server. You can download/upload script files with FTP. You have to clear /app/config/config.inc.php file ( you must have a back-up of this file before cleaning it) and re-install the script using table prefix during installation (on installation wizard when you add MySQL details you are asked for table prefix).

      Then just follow the rest of steps.