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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #162

    received on 21st January, 2016

    Vacation Rental Script

    Can you filter out the prices from low to high and vice versa high to low and the latest ads add.
    Is there kind of payment for advertisers, but yesterday I saw it there.

    • Answer:

      5. No, there are no sort options to order the ads by price and by date added. We can add such options on the front-end listing as a custom change.

      6. Yes, the settings for this are under Options-->Submission menu in the script administration panel. Different payment plans can be created depending on the ad expiration period. The owners are charged by ad (i.e. per property).

      Regarding the quote:
      Do you need us just to add price fields (min and max) on the search form or you need separate buttons to sort the listing by these two options - price from low to high and vice versa?
      For the latest ads - there is an option in the script administration panel (under the Options menu) to set what the ads will be sorted by. You will see an option for Date added Desc which will order the ads by date added in descending order. However, there is no option on the front-end for the users to change this default order. Do you need such sorting option on the front-end too?

  • Question #161

    received on 20th January, 2016

    Vacation Rental Script

    I have some question:
    - if I give the top of the site and the footer in php, you can connect it? can you assemble it? if yes how much ??
    - How many languages can I add ?? and the translation includes all parts of the site the user account also??
    - with the developer script, I can change the code by myself??
    - which kind of server do you need for the script??

    • Answer:

      1. You can simply create a webpage with your footer and header and simply integrate the script into the body. You do not need to change anything in the code
      2. There is no limitation to the number of languages. However they are for the front end only. The admin panel comes with 1 language by default
      3. Yes, you can
      4. It works on any webserver with PHP and mySQL version 5.1 or above
      5. and 6. Could you clarify a bit what do you mean by ads in this case? Are you referring properties that are featured?

  • Question #160

    received on 20th January, 2016

    Ticket Booking Script

    I am not exactly using this as you designed it. I am using it to reserve chromebooks and eventually a tech room worth of computers for a small Christian School.

    Each day the time, hall and movie is the same. Is there a way to bulk copy into the future like a week at a time? Currently i have 9 movies (class blocks) and each movie is the same time each day Monday - Friday. Is there a way to copy all the movies (blocks) for an entire week?

    Or is there a way to import a CSV? I see an export function, can it be reversed?

    I saw your equipment rental script, but it did not seem to lend itself as well to my need. Does that have this function?

    • Answer:

      By default you can export all the movies for a week from the Admin Panel - Movies menu - Export option. You can check this in Admin panel Demo.

      The other option is to add Show date/time for each week under the Movie menu - edit movie option. You do not have to add the same movie each week.

      You can take a look at our Event Booking Calendar, where the administrator can add requiring event weekly and the clients can order a ticket. Just note that in Event Booking calendar the users are not able to select a seat from hall map.

  • Question #159

    received on 20th January, 2016

    Property Listing Script

    I'm interested in purchasing the Property Listing script, but I was wondering if the "Show Owner Contact" option in the Admin Control Panel (Demo version) is functioning properly.

    I switched the option to "No" to hide the owner contact information, but the only thing hidden is the "Contact Us" button - the information remains.

    Question 2: Does the Reference ID transfer into the "Contact Us" email or how does the person receiving the email know which property the email is about?

    • Answer:

      1) Yes, the option to hide the owner details is not functioning properly on the demo installation but we have fix for this. There will be a minor update soon with some code improvements (including the issue for hiding the owner details).

      2) There is a request details button that opens a contact form. The notification message that the admin/owner gets is customizable in the script administration panel, under the Options menu.
      If you clcik directly on the owner email then you can send directly an email to them but with free text. If the form is used then there are tokens to list the property ID on the message.

  • Question #158

    received on 19th January, 2016

    Car Rental Script

    Hi, i have a question for you .Let's say that i make a season in Rates in a certain group of car for example from : 1/1/2015 - 31/12/2015 from 1 to 1 per day and the price is 10. I am adding different price if my customer want to book for 2 days so i add from 1/1/2015 - 31/12/2015 from 2 to 2 per day and the price is 5.After that i making a second season for 1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016 and i am adding 1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016 from 1 to 1 per day and the price is 12 and 1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016 from 2 to 2 per day and the price is 6.If i make a quote in your system and the requested pick_up date is 31/12/2015 - 3/1/2016 i supposed the final price would be 10+ 12 =32.Is your system catching this case?I would like to tell me if your script is working with this way so to try to buy it.

    • Answer:

      It counts the total reservation days and it takes the respective rate for the period. Form 31/12/2015 - 3/1/2016 it is 3 or 4 days The price for 31/12/2015 will be calculated with the price for 3 days for the period 1/1/2015 - 31/12/2015 and the rest of the days with the price for 3 days from this period 1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016.

      For example you have the following options:

      1/1/2015 - 31/12/2015 from 1 to 1 day - 10 (per day)
      1/1/2015 - 31/12/2015 from 2 to 2 days - 8 (per day)
      1/1/2015 - 31/12/2015 from 3 to 100 days - 6 (per day)

      1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016 from 1 to 1 day - 100 (per day)
      1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016 from 2 to 2 days - 80 (per day)
      1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016 from 3 to 100 days - 60 (per day)

      The script will calculate the rate as following for this period 31/12/2015 - 3/1/2016:
      6 + 60 + 60 = 126

      i.e. the rate for 3 days from the first period (for the first day of the reservation) + the rate for 3 days from the second period (for the next 2 days from the reservation).

      This is how it works by default. You can try this on the online demo.

  • Question #157

    received on 19th January, 2016

    Member Login Script

    Hi, you have been recently working on a bespoke Calendar for me which is great.

    Another element to the site brief is this (and it really is brief at the moment)

    "The website will also include a VIP Customer Login area.To access e-book downloads & Youtube videos, exclusive offers & ask questions."

    Have you got a script I can buy that will help me achieve above. Its a very low spec (which could end up a complicated project) and we have't costed a lot for it (which may be a mistake thinking about it),

    I'm want to try and keep it as simple as possible, could you let me know the closest match to achieving this with a script you currently have built and give me feedback on anything that may be extra to pay for?

    • Answer:

      It can be used for the VIP Customer Login area.
      You can protect files or you can paste any information you need on the php protected pages with your Member Login Script.

      Would you, please list all the features this new system should support. Do you need a script like Ticket Support System for the "Ask questions" option or the clients will send a question to the administrator email filling a contact form and will receive an answer to his personal email?
      Please, provide some more information about the Special offers - The clients will be able just to review the special offers or will be able to make bookings or ?

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  • Question #156

    received on 19th January, 2016

    File Sharing Script

    1. Is there a way to alter/increase the maximum file upload size from 2 mb to 100 mb?
    2. Any tips for installing on a word press web page. Installed the script to web server successfully but cannot get it to work on a word press page. I added the code to the header.php and footer.php files but all I got was a blank screen.

    • Answer:

      1. Script do not have limitation about size of uploaded file. Such limitation most probably is set on your server.

      2. As script use PHP integration code what is easier and supported by us for WordPress is adding in your page iframe pointing simple page with script front-end (it could be script preview.php or other page to which you have added script front-end code).

  • Question #155

    received on 19th January, 2016

    Food Delivery Script

    My client trying to make a food delivery system for school food delivery. The concept is going to be like parents order different food on their calendar and check out to pay after.

    I need to change the complete layout, can you help me out of this? What's the quote for this?

    • Answer:

      Do you want master admin to be able to create menu for each date and when user logs in he will see the menu for selected date. User will be able to place order for the selected date.

      How will the payments work exactly. Do you want user to see total amount of what he has to pay for a days for example and be able to make one payment for all those orders? Is there any requirement about when payment should be processed? For example at least 5 days before (or maybe at most 5 days after) the date?

  • Question #154

    received on 19th January, 2016

    Hotel Booking System

    How do discounts work?

    Can the hotel booking system take payments? Can it open on a secure https when booking and is it compatible with different payment gateways?

    • Answer:

      The built-in options for discounts are:

      - to set "package" prices i.e. select period, weekly block and price for the whole block. For example you can set special price for Friday to Sunday reservations.
      - to set free night
      - to set promo code for discount as fixed amount or as percent of the total reservation amount

      Please, check the Rooms-->Discounts menu in the script administration panel.

      On the front-end the script just calculates the prices according to the discounts set in the script administration panel but it does not display information that a discounted price has been used.

      The supported payment methods in the system are:
      - PayPal payments - the script redirects to PayPal website for payment
      - Authorize.Net payments - the script redirects to Authorize.Net website for payment

      You need to have an account at PayPal / Authorize.Net in order to use these options.

      - the script can collect credit card details and store them in the database for offline processing - it means that there is no online payment processing, the script is not linked to a payment processing company in this case

      We can link this option to a payment processing company of your choice as a custom change

      - the script can also link bank details for wire transfers - no online processing in this case, the reservation is just saved in the system

      - cash payments - the reservation is saved in the system, no online payment processing

      More payment options can be added as a custom change.
      The payment settings are under Options-->Bookings-->Payments menu in the script administration panel.

      The script can be installed and used under https.