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Questions & Answers

Need a quick solution for some of our scripts?

Questions and answers

With the help of our Customer Support team, we have selected the most common questions and queries about our PHP tools. Please, note that they may also refer to previous versions of our products. If you have any other concerns, don’t hold back to contact us for further assistance!

  • Question #135

    received on 16th January, 2016

    Bus Reservation System

    Hi, I'm interest in your booking system.
    I run boat transportation from mainland to small island.
    I need booking online system that our passenger can book ticket online and make a payment.
    Boat seats are limited each schedule. Is it possible to assign limit ticket?
    Which booking form that you have will match our business? how much for fee ?

    • Answer:

      Our script allows clients to book seats and pay for this online. Client can book only up to the maximum available seats at the moment. Do you mean that you want to limit this to some fixed number, for example 4 seats at most?

      The script is fully translatable from admimn panel, so if you want to use it for a boat, you can change all the text and adjust it for your business. The fields tiles on the booking form can also be changed and you can turn then on/off from admin panel, so you should be able to adjust the script to meet what you need.

  • Question #134

    received on 15th January, 2016

    PHP Contact Form Generator

    I have a customer who would like to have some custom work on the contact form generator system you have.

    The customer will be using the contact form as an application form for employees.

    They would like to be able to download the enquiries into a CSV file the headings based on the field names.

    So when employees apply they may enter their name and address.
    So on the CSV we have the name and address column with details under.

    Can you provide a quote for this?

    • Answer:

      By default the script supports the submissions under the "Submissions" menu in the script administration panel (screenshot attached). Do you need just an option to export all or selected records in a csv file?

  • Question #133

    received on 15th January, 2016

    PHP Newsletter Script

    I saw somewhere in the app that i can use template mail but i don't see where i can create those template. Can you help me to understand

    • Answer:

      The menu where you can set up sample messages is the "Messages" menu. You can create a new message each time or use old messages or duplicate existing messages. You can use the built-in editor to add styles to the message. The editor also accepts html code.

  • Question #132

    received on 15th January, 2016

    Hotel Booking System

    Hi i have bought the hotel booking system and there seems to be a problem, when someone sets the checkin date to lets say the 17th of January and they then set the check out date to the 18th of January so the client has stayed 1 night for some reason the booking system charges for two nights.

    • Answer:

      You need to set the system to work in night mode. This setting is under Options-->Bookings menu -->the "Reservations and prices will be based on" option.

  • Question #131

    received on 15th January, 2016

    Car Rental Script

    I'm use admin panel and any change saving page is blank, display a code NmNjZGQwNmMyMDE0ZTIzNjJiZDlhM2MyM2RhZjBlZmQ7WVhCd0wzWnBaWGR6TDNCcVRHRjViM1YwY3k5d2FrRmpkR2x2YmtGa2JXbHVURzluYVc0dWNHaHc=

    How to repair this problems.

    • Answer:

      The issue could be caused from:

      1. The script package is not uploaded in binary mode via FileZilla. /Binary mode is a transfer type in FileZilla settings/


      2. There are some source code changes added in your User licence. With User licence you are not allowed to make any changes in the source code.

      Please, reupload the default script package in binary mode and let us know if everything is fine after that.

  • Question #130

    received on 14th January, 2016

    Food Delivery Script

    In the screen:

    What is the "Featured product" used for?

    • Answer:

      If you set a product as featured it will appear on top of the list for the category.

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  • Question #129

    received on 14th January, 2016

    Appointment Scheduler

    Is it possible to style the appointment scheduler themes using CSS or would this interfere with its working?

    • Answer:

      The script has 10 built-in color themes you can select between. They are available under the "Preview"menu in the script administration panel. If you need to make further changes they can be done if the css files in folder app/web/css/themes.

  • Question #128

    received on 15th January, 2016

    Food Delivery Script

    I do refer to the admin/editor users and I just want to get the ID. I also want to save the date in the DB. I've already done the modifications to the database and the model, I just need to get the user ID so I can modify the controller. I will be able to modify the view and js as well.

    You have a field on the order table called processed_on. I assume that means the payment process date. It would be good to capture the user id of the person that processed the payment at the store. It id will be 0 for web orders.

    • Answer:

      If you just need the Id you can get it using $this->getUserId();

  • Question #127

    received on 14th January, 2016

    STIVA Shopping Cart

    The image appear in the backend but not the front. Is there a cache I need to clear?

    • Answer:

      The problem is that mb_strtolower() is disabled on your server. Please contact your hosting provider to enable it.