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Quote Calculator

Free Quote Calculator

Calculate how much time and money a web project will cost you with our new interactive Quote Calculator. Follow the steps below and fill in the necessary details about your project. Your quote will be generated automatically and sent quickly to your clients by e-mail.

Initial discussions

This is the time you have spent to discuss the project with your client.

Split your project in tasks

Split the project in smaller tasks as it is easier to estimate how much time you will need to complete each one of them. The website design project, for example, will involve - graphic design, .psd to .html, adding text content and images, making dynamic sections (forms, galleries etc.). Now you can estimate more precisely how much time each of these tasks will take.


Testing & bug fixing

Enter the time you will need to test the product and make final modifications and fine-tunings required by your client. Usually, it will be at least 20% of the development time.

After-sales support

This is the time you will spend to support the final product once the client has purchased it. For big projects it will be at least another 10% of the development time, but for smaller ones it could be 50%.

Hourly rate

This is the amount you bill your clients per hour. If you work for $50 per hour, then just add $50.

Total time

This is the total amount of hours you will need to complete the project. It includes initial discussion time, tasks time, testing and bug fixing and after-sales support.

Total price

This is the price that you should communicate to your client. It's based on the time you will need and your hourly rate, plus the money spent on outsourcing tasks.

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