july, 2016

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It’s time for something refreshing, isn’t it? We’ve got two brand new scripts for you - one for work, one for pleasure! Our bustling dev team has also made some tiny but shiny tweaks to one of our existing products. This is by far not all - now you have the exclusive chance to become our guest contributor and start writing tutorials for us. Help us teach other geeks how to code the smart way! There are some useful reads and news we’ve prepared for you, too!

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Updates & Releases

Night Club Booking Software

We have just launched a great web solution for clubbing sites which will allow visitors to book booths online and pre-order different extras, such as alcoholic drinks, beverages, catering, etc. Users can customize each booth type, add capacity, set regular and custom prices, process online and offline payments, manage all bookings, collect client database, and send special offers via email.

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Conference Agenda Software

Our brand-new speakers agenda widget will perfectly blend into all kinds of conference-, seminars- and events-related sites. You can add and manage multiple conferences, sessions, and agendas. Show a detailed and lucid timetable for all conference days. Display each conference type in a different color and font theme. Create compelling speakers’ business cards.

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Get up to 50% discount on all our scripts with Developer Licences!

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Bus Reservation System 1.1

Our bus ticket reservation system went through some slight touch ups which have improved the overall UX/UI. The back-end user interface is now more intuitive. Unlike before, when you set ticket prices for round trips, you can specify a discount. On top of this, script admins can now customize the Bootstrap layout by choosing out of 10 different color and style options. Upgrade now for FREE!

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Password Protect Content

Get a FREE Password Protect Content script to hide different contents (text, images, multimedia) on your web page and allow selected visitors to access them! Create an unlimited number of content blocks and put them on your web pages. MySQL database is used to store all the content that you need to protect. For each block of contents there is a password. It's a quick and easy way to protect small parts of your web page content!

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