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Meeting Room Booking System


Our room scheduling software comes standard with all must-have features for the efficient management of online hall bookings and payments.
You can manage multiple meeting rooms with different setups, adjust time schedules, offer technical facilities, and catering services, etc.
If you need any custom modifications to match your business model or functionality requirements better, we can deliver them, too.


In addition to the meeting rooms, you can provide your clients with a wide range of auxiliary services
that will spare organizers precious time and efforts and will make attendees’ stay more comfortable.


The Meeting Room Booking System has a built-in payments module allowing admins to process both
online and offline payments, and to adjust all relevant settings in line with the respective business.


Configuring the meeting room reservation system doesn't require any specific technical skills.
Translate contents, add users, archive your database, and request other add-ons and extra services.

Installation & Integration

An installation script will help you embed the room reservation system into your website.
Just upload the files we will send you onto your hosting account and copy/paste the code.


Our Meeting Room Booking System goes with two licence types - as per your needs.
Check our pricing page and make your choice! Wanna learn how we code?