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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each

How To Be A Happy Client

"Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."

Happiness comes down to managing expectations, as they say. Even though we are giving our best efforts and hearts to come up to yours, we cannot promise you 100% customer satisfaction. Instead, we can give you ten good reasons to be happy with our products and services. And make you aware of some limitations and basic company rules you should bear in mind.

PHPJabbers Happy Clients

10 Reasons To Be Happy

Here is how we can make your online venture a joyful adventure:

Free Installation Support

We provide free installation support for all our PHP scripts and online widgets. Just contact us to request our assistance!

Code Changes

You can make your own custom changes to our scripts - both visual and functional. Read more about how we code...

Friendly Support

Our support team is just a click away! We won't waste your time! We will help you get things under control and become a pro!


We provide a rich knowledgebase for our PHP scripts. If you need more information about our scripts, go to our Help Resources.

Free Updates

As soon as a new software update is out, we will let you know and give it to you for free! Applies to both Developer and User Licences.

Custom Modifications

You need something changed or added to the script? You can always count on us for all kinds of additional adjustments.

Extensive Script Library

We offer a wide variety of PHP applications to make sure you will always find what you are looking for. View more...

Ideas Are Welcome

If you can't find the exact script you need, feel free to send us your suggestions for new products or new script features.

Free Stuff & Resources

As a member of the PHPJabbers Webmaster Community you will have access to a bunch of free scripts and web design resources.

Full Set Of Services

We offer a wide range of web solutions and services to ensure you will get all you need in in one place.

3 Things To Consider

Take a quick read of our Can Do's & Can't Do's tips and guidelines:


You cannot return a product just because your hosting account does not meet the technical requirements needed to install the product. It's your responsibility to fully read and understand the product specifications, and check if your server supports the minimum requirements needed to install the product. Contact us before buying a product and we will perform this check for you.

You cannot return a product because it does not meet your expectations. Please read the Features page of the respective PHP script and get acquainted with product functionality before buying it. We have provided you with free, fully operational demo versions of all our web apps, which you can find on their Product pages. So please make sure you try before you buy.

You cannot exchange a product. Please note that we sell digital products and returning a file is just not possible. We know you know this, too.

Have more questions about our products? Find the answers here or contact us.


We strive to provide highly efficient still uncomplicated online solutions at competitive prices. We realize that our thousands of clients can utilize and customize our products in thousand different ways. Hence it is impossible to define what a standard feature should be like. That is why we avoid overstuffing our scripts and include only the most popular and requested functionalities.

Please try the demo product on our website and make sure that it works the way you expect it to. We build extendable solutions with strong foundations and let you decide what other functionalities the respective products should be fitted with additionally. We can make custom projects to satisfy your particular business needs without draining your pocket.

If you need a script feature added or changed, just. Let us know what you need and we will send you a competitive quote. You've got questions about our custom work? Find the answers here or contact us.


We use a ticket based system to provide support to our clients. It's easier to keep track and follow up all customer requests, allows multiple people of our support team to handle our clients' queries and gives us time to suggest the best possible solution for each request. We usually reply to your questions within 30 minutes during working hours.

Please also note that our free support service includes installing the script on your hosting account. If you need any custom changes done, or integrating the script into your CMS we will give you a quote for this. We have provided you with a useful Help Resources area and access to a public forum where you can search and ask for our free assistance.

More support related questions and answers can be found here.