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Code Obfuscation

Find a list of free code obfuscators that will help protect your work.

In a world that is at increased risk of cyber attacks as technology advances, sometimes it is good to air on the side of caution. Obfuscating your code will help protect it, making it harder for someone to reverse engineer your code, and preventing them from stealing it or taking credit for its creation. When working for clientele, code obfuscation may be something to consider, as it will increase its protection and provide a safer transfer of the code.

There are many different security techniques to code obfuscation, and using a combination that complements each other, helps to create a layered defence. If you release software that is to run in an untrusted environment and has intellectual property, then we highly recommend obfuscating it.

Suggest a Code Obfuscation

Do you want to suggest a Code Obfuscation to include on this page? Let us know and we will add it. Terms apply.