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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each

Extended Licence

You are a Web Developer, Graphic Designer or Webmaster? Extend your portfolio and impress clients with our scripts!

Get an Extended Licence and showcase PHPJabbers high-quality web tools on your website. Demonstrate a white-label version of any script with Developer Licence as if it was your own and pay per installation. Loyal customers can profit from our special terms and promo offers. It's a win-win deal! So, shall we begin?

extended licence

What are your benefits?

Give Your Business An Instant Boost

Add value to your services and attract more customers by presenting our market-proven products on your website. You are free to advertise our software tools both as a part of a bundle solution or independently.

Keep Your Development Costs Low

By obtaining an Extended Licence, you can showcase our scripts without having to invest in their development. You only need to buy one Developer Licence script at a standard price to start promoting our tools.

Pay For The Product After The Sale

Commission fees are due on a monthly basis and are applicable for client installations only. We do not charge recurring fees. Extended Developers receive detailed email reports with all script installations they have made.

Your Business Is None Of Our Business

Your clients and the resale prices you offer our PHP scripts at are in your own domain! We will not interfere in any way. You have full ownership of pricing, billing, communication, and customer relationships.

Rebrand Our Web Tools

As soon as you become an Extended Developer, you can offer our software products under the white-label model. This means you are allowed to rebrand them by adding your own logo and other signage.

Get 1-Year FREE Tech Support

We provide a FREE technical support during the first 12 months for each client installation you have made. Please, note that we will assist you, not your customers. Just turn to our helpful customer support agents!

Special Offers For Our Loyal Clients

Customers who have been with us for a long time and who have integrated our products on multiple websites, will be offered exclusive conditions so that they can further maximize their profit on scale.

Get FREE Script Upgrades

Extended Developers get FREE upgrades after an official release has been launched. Jump over to our FAQ page!