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  • Colection of 65 PHP scripts for $4.29 each

FAQ: Extended Licence

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Extended Licence. If you still have any unclear points, just let us know!

Who can apply?

Our Extended Licence is designed for companies who offer website design and development services to small and medium businesses. It's perfect for webmasters, web designers and developers who are involved in building, upgrading and supporting multiple websites. However, if you want to start a software selling business where you can sell web based software to other webmasters, like we do, our products and the Extended Licence will not be suitable for you.

Why should I apply?

The Extended Licence allows you to showcase our products on your website. You can present detailed feature descriptions, screenshots, videos and live demos. This will attract a lot more customers to your business, as they will be able to get a real impression of the software appearance and functionalities.

Can I advertise your software tools as my own?

With an Extended Licence, you can offer our software under the white-label model. This means that you can rebrand our scripts, advertise them as your own products, create online demos, describe features, create marketing campaigns, etc.

Can I modify your software or can I offer modified versions to my clients?

Yes, under the Extended Licence you can modify our software products as per your clients' requirements and also offer modified versions.

At what price should I offer your products to my customers?

The pricing model is at your own discretion. The only condition we have is that the sale price you offer our products at is not less than the current Developer Licence for the respective product.

Do I have to pay any fee for the sales that I make?

We charge Extended Developers for each installation on their clients' websites. This means that once you have acquired an Extended Licence and start advertising our products on your site, you will have to a pay a fee every time you install a copy of our scripts on a customer's website. Payments to us are due on a monthly basis.

Commission fees are one-off per product per installation:

Extended Licence: Exhibit A

Why should I pay a commission fee for each installation if I can purchase a Developer Licence script and install it on as many client websites as I want?

The Developer Licence does not allow you to advertise our products on your website. You can do that with an Extended Licence.

Here is an example how you can benefit from the Extended Licence:
Assume that you offer website design services for hotels. You would usually just have a web page on your website where you tell what services you provide to hotel owners - website design and development including gallery, testimonials box, booking engine, contact form, etc. You will wait for a hotel owner to see your service description and get in touch with you.

With an Extended Licence, by contrast, you can aggressively promote the hotel booking engine, gallery and contact form scripts that you can implement - provide screenshots, videos, live demos. This will help you increase your conversion rate since potential clients will be able to check and explore the qualities and possibilities of the promoted web tools.

In order to be installed on a website, your scripts require a Licence key. What Licence key do I give to my clients?

Your clients don't need to have a Licence key. As our Extended Developer, you are supposed to be the one who will install the script on third-party websites. To do that you need to use your unique Licence key which is listed in your member account. Please, note that you cannot sell or transfer your Licence key to your clients.

Our products and the Extended License are not suitable for people and companies who want to start a software selling business based on our products!

Should I send you sales and revenue reports?

Yes, at the end of each month, we ask our Extended Developers to send us a list of websites on which they have installed our products. We do not need any details about their profit - neither how much they resell our scripts for to their clients nor how much clients have paid them for the extra services. We only need the number of installations made within the past month so that we can calculate the monthly payment fee.

Can I refund my clients?

Yes, you can refund your clients and you will not owe any commission fee for the installation if the script has been removed within 30 days after the initial installation date. This means that you can install trial versions of our scripts on your clients' websites so they can try them before purchasing them from you. If you refund a client whose installation you have already paid, we will credit you for another future installation.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we provide a FREE tech support during the first year of each of your client installations. Please, note that we will never contact, support or serve your clients directly. We provide support to you only.

Which products are available and can I offer multiple of your products with the Extended Licence?

All our PHP Scripts can be promoted and resold under the Extended Licence.

Are there minimum sales requirements in order to apply for the Extended Licence?

No. You should only mind that in order to get free upgrades you need to make at least 5 installations per product per year.

Does the Extended Licence give me the right to use your products for free without having to purchase a Developer Licence?

No. The Extended Licence allows you to only advertise, promote and publicly demonstrate our software features on your website and is an addition to the standard Developer Licence (annex). It only extends your rights under the Developer Licence, but cannot exist independently.

How can I acquire an Extended Licence?

Go to the Apply Now page and follow the instructions.