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  • Website:
  • Country:
    United Arab Emirates
  • Product:
    Custom website development
  • Business Type:
    Real Estate
  • Release date:
    March, 2016

Company Profile

MyPortfolio.ae MyPortfolio.ae is Dubai's first and only Property Portfolio Tracker giving you the ability to measure the performance of your Dubai Real Estate Portfolio. The company uses data from actual transactions, which allows clients to have confidence in the valuations they bring.

project description

PHPJabbers developed for MyPortfolio a brand new website equipped with a custom-made content management system. Website administrators can predefine areas, buildings, and towers in Dubai. They record the current month sq.ft. property price for each tower according to the real estate market values. Clients who have properties added can monitor the current value of their real estates and review the history how the value is changing over time. Clients can request services through their profiles based on the property price analysis.