• company:
  • Website:
  • Country:
    Saudi Arabia
  • Product:
    Custom project (from scratch)
  • Business Type:
    Online Payment Processing
  • Release date:
    July, 2016

Company Profile

DPCITF Our client - Digital Proceeds of Communications and Information Technology Foundation (DPCITF), provides electronic payment solutions for the local market taking into account the specifics of the society. Modern, safe and intuitive solutions ensuring a smooth still flying start in the field of Internet trade and e-commerce.

project description

Our mission was to design and develop an online system for payment transactions between registered users. This partnership-based project started from scratch and involved consultancy, building a project specification, web design and programming on our side. 


User accounts operate on the website front-end, while website administrators use the back-end management module. Users can send and receive payments. Merchants can create and manage one-time, subscription, donation and shopping cart payments and buttons. 


A knowledge base and a support ticket functionality have been added to the system to enable online support to customers. Users can also dispute and refund payments. User accounts are protected against vulnerabilities. The system is equipped with an intelligent tool sending out automated email notifications.  


The output of our work is a website fitted with an online system for payment transactions between registered users.