Company Profile

ALPS4U LTD. Vacation property rental portal dedicated to accommodation and travel in the Alps.

project description

Delivery of a vacation property listing and reservation system to empower the client’s website and online business. Website visitors can search, browse and book holiday properties online. Website admins and property managers can add property listings and manage reservations.


1. Weekly bookings - many of the holiday properties accept weekly bookings only and we have modified the software to show and handle weekly bookings for these properties.

  • Weekly pricing - pricing can be different for each week of the year.
  • Show weekly availability and pricing on the property details page
  • Website admins and property managers can mark selected weeks as not available for hiring
  • Website admins and property managers can choose the starting day of a week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc.) according to their rental terms.


2. Modification to the script front-end and listings view with a strong accent on the image gallery.


3. Resorts and Ski areas - administrators can define resorts and ski areas. Resorts on their side can be assigned to a ski area. Then each property listing is assigned to a resort and a ski area. Website visitors can easily narrow their search results by choosing desired resort and ski area.


4. A separate installation code per resort allows the client to list properties from a selected resort into another web page or site.


5. Admins can set global booking terms valid for all properties and system users.


6. Property management add-ons and modifications

  • Smart search result rankings - property managers can select if they wish or not to show their property in search results for a number of guests that are less than the number their property can accommodate.
  • Managers can choose the currency of their rental offerings.
  • Duplicate property feature for faster property upload of multiple similar properties.
  • Property edit form at the website front-end for quick management of pricing and availability by admins and property managers.
  • Smart pricing feature to copy and set from a previous to a new year.


7. Solution search feature - a personal search that not only shows the relevant results but sends details about the wish list and contact details of the person to the website admin who can turn back via email or phone selected offerings.