• company:
    Recrea Service & Consulting SL
  • Website:
  • Country:
  • Product:
    Hotel Booking System
  • Business Type:
    Wedding & Event Planning
  • Release date:
    March, 2015

Company Profile

Recrea Service & Consulting SL Costa Blanca Events is the commercial name and trademark of Recrea Service & Consulting SL. The company has a solid reputation in wedding and event planning and considers customer service and satisfaction of vital importance.

project description

Development of an online accommodation booking system based on our Hotel Booking Script to serve the guests of weddings and other events organized by Costa Blanca Events. (Check this site, too.)


The system enables wedding guests to search for and browse available hotels and book their visits online. Hotel teams, on their part, have access to the system so they can review their bookings and manage their accommodation offers.


The front-end page is responsive. We have modified and added the following:


1. Multiple hotels management

  • System administrators can add multiple hotels into the system.
  • Each hotel has a description, gallery, and link to the hotel website.
  • Hotel representatives have limited access to the system. They can manage their offerings - rooms available, pricing, discounts, etc. Hotel teams can review the bookings they receive.
  • Export of reservations has been added.

2. Guests reservations

  • Each event guest can search for accommodation after logging in with credentials that Costa Blanca Events give to their clients.
  • Guests can search for accommodation, preview available hotels and offerings. They can place their bookings.
  • Guests can request receiving an email with booking details.
  • Guests can also change or cancel their bookings.

3. System administrators can assign selected hotels to an event. Guests will see as available options only offerings by the hotels assigned. Hotels can review the events they are assigned to and invited to partner.

4. A ‘host’ user has been added - a team member of Costa Blanca Events who can review all guest reservations made for an event. “Hosts” can only preview reservations for events they are assigned to. They can see all the reservations for all hotels.

5. Multisafepay.com payment gateway integration for online payments of the required deposit. Each hotel can define a % of the reservation total that requires a deposit payment.

6. Mollie.com payment gateway integration.