Company Profile

King Rent SA King Rent provides luxury car hire in Europe and tailored services with a special focus on exclusivity for the finest European holiday or business experience. Based in Switzerland and Italy, the company is among the leaders on the European luxury car rental market.

project description

PHPJabbers developed for King Ring a car reservation management system based on our Car Rental Script. The system is now being used by the company staff to manage reservations and related documentation. All documents are interactive and can be filled in by both sides online.


Company operators and agents can submit reservation requests manually and create quotes based on the client requirements. Then operators can generate documents and email them to customers who can enter the required data and sign them electronically. As soon as the documents have been signed by customers, system operators receive automated email notifications. 


The vehicle report documents contain interactive images so that operators can mark damages and add notes online. Documents can be re-sent, printed, and exported as a pdf file. The system keeps an archive of all reservations and documents.