Our dev team has just brought out a new minor update of STIVA Shopping Cart. They made some slight UI facelifts, added the latest plugins, as well as a useful reports functionality and bright new color palettes.   


Let’s take a quick peek:

  • Responsive & Colorful Layout - The Bootstrap-based front-end can be loaded across various mobile devices and screen resolutions for easy on the go operations. On top of that, PHP shopping cart script admins have a wide choice of color themes. We can respond to other color preferences, too.


  • Cross-Domain Integration - This solution gives you the freedom to host the script on domainA and use it on domainB, thus saving you extra efforts and installation costs.
  • Latest pjLocale Plugin - Manage languages easily and translate/edit all titles and text messages of your online shopping cart. Just go to Options/Languages/Translate and follow the instructions. You can also watch a video tutorial. Read more...
  • Latest pjInvoice Plugin - Create multiple invoices for each customer. Easily view, print and email invoices. Customers can pay their orders by opening a unique URL for each invoice. Admins can use the “Search” field to find a specific invoice. Read more...


  • TinyMCE for Confirmation Emails - Using the web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor you can prepare standard Order and Payment Confirmations - the text onscreen during editing will appear the same way in the email your Customers will receive.


  • New Reports Module - Keeping track of orders, new clients and product turnover is crucial for ecommerce. That’s why we have added a simple Report functionality. Just enter a date range to see a detailed breakdown for all confirmed orders.


Want to see more? View demo.


If you think STIVA Shopping Cart 4.2 is cool, feel free to share or recommend to friends and dev fellows!


Stay tuned for more updates!