Are you a graphic designer or a web designer? We can help you create your own portfolio in seconds… with ZERO Initial Investment!


Participate in our Extended Developer License and create your own portfolio in seconds without the need of investing in technology and software. We give you a complete and brand-free job website for FREE. You can advertise it and offer it as a turnkey solution to your clients. You will pay us only after you sell it!


100% WHITE LABEL The Job Portal is completely brand-free. You can advertise, market and offer it as a turnkey solution to your clients.


EXPAND YOUR PORTFOLIO Expand your product / service range by offering complete, market-proven and high-converting product.


CSS CUSTOMIZABLE Depending on your technical knowledge you can customize the “look and feel” of the job portal or usk us for customization.


ZERO INITIAL INVESTMENT You pay us only upon sale and nothing in advance. Expand your product offering without having to invest in technology or infrastructure.


NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE The Extended Developer Program is designed for local web designers and startups. You only have to market the product well. Leave the technical stuff to us.


CONTROL OVER PRICING You have complete control over the pricing model and you keep your client. We invisibly create the technology at the background.


Here is the process:

1) Apply for the PHPjabbers Extended Program.

2) Contact us to get the job portal software - Job Listing script, Complete Job Website, Job Website templates.

2) Then, create a page on your website offering website design services for job agencies.

3) Use our software to create a professional portfolio and show your potential clients that you can do the job right.

4) Charge your clients for the website that you will create as much as you want and only pay license fee for our product after you set up the website for your clients.