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PHP Review Script: Let Clients Review Your Products & Services

by Krasi Dimov /  Updates & Releases

Getting back reviews and ratings is not only a must-have website feature for all service providers and producers, but an integral part of customer relationship management (CRM), too. Feedback is important for every clever-managed company. No matter whether it comes from your regular customers or potential clients. It all counts!


Knowing that, we’ve been developing and offering different kinds of rating, poll and comment scripts for years. Over the course of time clients have requested us to add a customer review functionality as a custom modification to many of our scripts. PHP Review Script has been created exactly for this purpose. 


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The online review system is fitted with all features you need to collect reviews about your products or services. It will not just collect some scattered clients’ comments, but will provide you with a valuable and measurable feedback. Probably its most important asset - it will all happen under your subtle guidance, so that you can squeeze out the most of what your leads have to say about your company and portfolio.

Enough said - let us show you around now! We are going to outline the best features of our online review script which will make it your number one.


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1) Multi-layer feedback:

  • A complex rating of your products and/or services. You can ask your customers to rate specific qualities or attributes of your offering, not just share their overall experience. This is a good reference point for defining and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Opinions that matter. Equip your poll-like rating questionnaire with a free comments field. All marketers know how useful it is to learn what clients trully think about your company. Customers who know how to share their opinion (especially if they have something important to say) are of great value. But often clients are somewhat reluctant to share their thoughts on a blank page. We have thought about them, too. It is amazing how little help it takes to draw people out!
  • Different user types. It is quite important to know who is making the review - is it a customer or a potential one; a family or a single person; a pro-plan user or basic/free plan user etc. With our online review system you can easily add and edit user types and let reviewers identify themselves.
  • Bon Ton. You can collect reviewers’ personal details (name and email) and access them from the review script back-end. Thus, you can easily and courteously resolve potential complaints, dissipate eventual frustrations and build strong, long-term relationships with your clients.
  • Thumbs up/down. Let people agree or disagree with other users’ reviews. This will distinguish facts from malicious troll attacks. 


2) Usage:

  • The perfect match. You can use our online rating and review system on any website, regardless if it has been built using Wix, Wordpress or Joomla. You choose on which web pages to put the front-end. PHP review rating report example
  • No limits. You are free to create individual review widgets for each of your products or services and place them on the appropriate website pages. Thus, you will be able to collect and filter reviews, not just some general feedback. This will help you get a better view of each product/service individually.
  • Mobile-friendliness. The world goes mobile. So we are. The front-end layout of our rating and review script is all responsive, i.e. it loads perfectly across various mobile devices and screen resolutions. Your customers can post their reviews 24/7 from all corners of the world.


If you want to see all features of our PHP review system, just drop in here or jump over to its live demo.

We are curious to read your short “reviews” about PHP Review Script - you can simply use the “Post A Comment” field placed below. And don’t forget to share this post with other interested parties, too!


Thank you for reading!

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