A new minor update of our PHP Newsletter Script has just been released today. We’ve implemented a number of UI improvements and also added some new features. Go try the demo here.


Subscription form updates:

  • It's now responsive and comes with 10 different color themes to fit any website.
  • Its integration code is now cross-domain - you can have the script installed on one domain and the subscription form on another.
  • You can either have a Subscription form for each of your Lists, or a single Subscription form and subscribers can choose the List they want to subscribe to.


Usability improvements:

  • Main Dashboard is completely redesigned and more user friendly.
  • Groups are now called Lists.
  • Main navigation Menu has been updated and now allows easy access to "Subscription Forms" and “Send Email”. 
  • From the Lists menu you can see the number of Subscribed and Unsubscribed users.
  • Under "Email Queue" page you can see email subject instead of message ID.



Functionality updates:

  • Latest version of tinyMCE has been added to the newsletter script.
  • Importing Subscribers is now possible either via CSV file or by Copy/Paste from Excel.
  • We changed Subscriber status values and now each subscriber can be either Subscribed or Unsubscribed.