We’ve just launched a new minor update of our PHP Contact Form Generator. The latest release makes creating email and web forms even easier. Let’s go through the upgrades:

  • Responsive Layout - Contact forms display flawlessly across all mobile devices and screen resolutions. No tapping and zooming.
  • Color Picker changed - Admins can style uniquely each web form they have created by changing colors, fonts and label position.
  • TinyMCE for Auto Responder Message - Using the smart WYSIWYG text editor you can easily add system and confirmation messages. 



  • Month/Year Dropdown added for the Date Picker - Front-end users can easily select dates instead of typing numbers.
  • Cross-Domain JS Integration - Host the PHP Contact Form script on domainA, use it on domainB, thus saving efforts and installation costs.
  • New Submissions menu - You can view a list of all submissions made for each form.  
  • Search in Submissions to find submitted data.


There are other small UI improvements as well, which ensure an easy and enjoyable use of PHP Contact Form Generator. If you need any other custom changes, feel free to contact us anytime!Thank you for sharing this post and your comments, too!