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New Script: Restaurant Menu Maker

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

Encouraged by the great success of our scripts for the food service industry and triggered by the numerous requests we’ve received from restaurant owners already using our products (Food Delivery Script, Restaurant Booking System), we decided to create another web solution for the gastronomy. We are proud to present Restaurant Menu Maker!


As its name suggests, it’s a PHP script that enables you to create a fancy menu for your restaurant website. With our online menu maker you can manage:


  • Categories:

- Create as many main and sub categories as you need

- Add image and description for each category 

- Reorder categories

Category reordering UI


  • Products:

- You can add an unlimited number of products to each category

- Add an image and unique description for every product

- Set different prices based on portion size 

- Change product status - you can temporarily disable a product and remove it from the menu

Menu creation interface with highlighted options


  • Special Offers:

- Create special offers using available products

- Set price and number of people the offer is valid for 

- Add image and description for each special offer

Special offer section's configuration options


Using a piece of JavaScript code you can integrate Restaurant Menu Maker front-end on your website. The restaurant menu script has a responsive layout and can be loaded on various mobile devices and screen sizes. You can manage its colors and style via a simple CSS file.


In order to prevent any loss of information, you can easily backup your restaurant database by a single mouse click. We advise you to do this regularly.


You can translate all titles and system messages of the online Restaurant Menu Maker in as many languages as you need. You can either use the “ShowIDs” option and search for specific texts and then translate them into the respective language. Or go for the “Import/Export” option and translate a CSV file with all titles used in the software.


Want to see more? Try the demo yourself! 




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1 Comments to "New Script: Restaurant Menu Maker "

Fred Dillard

Fred Dillard / October 16, 2023 at 02:08 am

I would like to update this program Restaurant Menu Maker, How do i bring it up to date?

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