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New PHPJabbers.com:
Refashioned & Reinforced!

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

Our whole team is overjoyed to present you our new website! The URL address stays the same: www.PHPJabbers.com. We have only changed the scenes and spiced them up with some fresh geeky flair! It took us countless hours of devoted and steaming teamwork, as well as an overdose of creativity and inspiration to put all pieces of the puzzle together. According to the statistics, the website contains more than 5000 pages and - as you might guess, there are still things to tune up. So we kindly ask you for your patience and notice, if you should spot any weak points. In the end, we are proud with the final product! And hope you will also like our revamped looks and contents. Enjoy exploring it!




  • New Responsive Design

Both our website and all of our PHP applications have been developed in line with the latest responsive web design rules. Users can load and utilize them on all kinds of mobile devices and screen sizes. No restless scrolling, tapping, rotating and… cursing! You can now visit and browse our website both at home and on the go.

Responsive Design


  • Faster Load Time

Page loading time is an important part of web user experience. Speed is also a key ranking factor in Google algorithm. Our website now relies on a fast network provided by RapidSwitch, as well as Content Delivery Network (CDN) provided by CloudFlare. A number of other measures has been taken to further optimize website speed - minifying  CSS files, optimizing image size, removing unnecessary html code, using Google network to load external fonts.


  • Secure HTTPS Connection

We've added HTTPS for our website which provides much greater security than standard HTTP. It encrypts the connection between your computer and our servers and browsing our website you can be sure that your personal data is well protected and private.


  • Social Media Sign-Up & Login

All fans and members of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can now register and access their personal PHPJabbers accounts through their social media profiles. Thus, sharing contents, posting comments and communicating with us becomes natural.


Social Media Sign-Up & Login


  • Improved My Account Section

Add titles to your support tickets and find them more easily. Upgrade from User to Developer Licence. Pay your pending orders. A unified PHPJabbers support system will soon replace support.stivasoft.com enabling you to manage all your acitivities straight from Your Account. Register now for FREE! 


Improved My Account Section


  • Video Testimonials

We have added new video testimonials to different places of our website. It’s undoubtedly a more convenient and accessible way of sharing your feedback with us, rather than the classic written credentials. Thanks to all our clients who have sent us their videos so far!  Send us your video & get a FREE Developer Licence! 


Video Testimonials


  • Do You Know Box

Small things make a difference. We have added a pop-up box with a bunch of useful tips and fast facts which will help you make better use of both our website and products. Please note that it is available on all PHP Scripts pages only. Just click on the question mark on the left side of the screen and follow the links!




  • High Performance

Along with the technical optimization of our website, we have also ensured that all our PHP scripts and web applications are attuned to our latest PHPJabbers Framework.


  • Remotely Hosted Scripts

Our remote hosting service introduced in June 2015 is rapidly gaining popularity. That is why we decided to extend its scope and offer remotely hosted versions for all our scripts. Now they are hosted on faster and more secure servers. Read more about our Remote Hosting service!


Remotely Hosted Scripts


  • One admiN

Good news for all clients using two or more of our PHP Scripts on the same website! The One admiN feature allowing users to log in and manage multiple PHPJabbers tools from a centralized control area, is now available for all of our scripts.


One admiN




After we have carried off all fine-tunings on the new website, we are planning to take up following top priority tasks:


  • Add an individual offers tab into My Account. Each registered member of PHPJabbers will receive special discounts, promo codes for new product updates and other personalized offerings.
  • Launch full Product Knowledge Base on the Help Resources page. Due to explicable physical and temporal limits, we have included only a small part of our product guides.
  • Reopen Script MarketPlace. A project started back in May 2015, allowing you to sell the PHP scripts we have modified for you on our website and return your investment.
  • 5 new products and a number of minor updates




It’s not only the website URL that we have preserved. We keep things that work well and improve those which don’t. What has left unchanged:


  • Our FREE, Friendly & Helpful Support

  • Our Flexible & Reliable Services

  • Our Top-notch PHP Scripts




We are pleased that you are joining us again in our next web endeavour! Feel free to signalize us for any shortcomings and bugs on the new www.PHPJabbers.com. This will help us come closer to perfection! Because when you are happy, we are happy, too!

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1 Comments to "New PHPJabbers.com: Refashioned & Reinforced!"


Akshay / June 6, 2016 at 23:29 pm

very nice

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