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Minor Update: Car Rental Script 2.1

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

The next minor update to our Car Rental Script has just been released. A series of visual and functional improvements have been made in order to enhance the overall usability and efficiency of PHPJabber’s car rental system. Let’s go through them all together so you can see what’s new:

  • 10 different color themes - Depending on your website’s branding, you can pick your color scheme and change it anytime.  

Color theme options


  • NEW Bootstrap layout - We have refined the front-end design in order to give it fresher and more stylish looks. 

UI layout of the When and where step

  • Cross-domain support - Now you can install the car rental software on domain A and use it on domain B.

Language preferences and a dropdown menu location

  • Two types of Extras - You can define and mark extras as countable (multi) and not countable (single).

    Extras type specification location and options

  • Default & Custom working time – Users can specify default and custom working time for each office location. Reservations will not be possible while the office is closed.

Default and custom working time preference menu

  • Email notifications sent to office email - You can mark the emails to which the car rental system will send notifications straight from the “Office Locations” menu. To select the notification types sent by default, go the Settings / Notifications. 

Email notification option location

Users who have already purchased and are currently using Car Rental Script 2.0 or older versions, can upgrade for FREE. Just contact us!

All other interested parties can check out our updated demo and test all front-end and back-end functionalities.


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3 Comments to "Minor Update: Car Rental Script 2.1"

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown / May 29, 2019 at 23:18 pm

Love the script, we use it as an admin only fleet management system. Only feature that I'd love to see added is when admin is entering reservations that cars that are already booked wouldn't be available in the drop down. This would save the time from going to Availability first to find out what you have open.


Juan / June 30, 2016 at 09:46 am

good morning, I have the previous version and I would like to know if the upgrade would have to start from the first or saved everything I stocker in the first version, as customers, reserves, prices, system charges etc etc
there is some sort of update or script complete?
greetings juan vicens

Sasho Valkanov

Sasho Valkanov / June 30, 2016 at 09:50 am

Please, contact our support team and they will advise and help with the upgrade.

Micheal Offei

Micheal Offei / June 22, 2016 at 07:20 am

this is it

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