The 'price' matter has always been of major importance for every online retailer or trading company. “What is the best price to sell?" is a question whose answer depends on many factors starting with the aim - to sell as much as possible or to get the highest profit. But when it comes to the customer, all marketers and salesmĐľn inevitably ask themselves:


“What is the client perception of price?” 

“Will I sell more, if the price is lower and how much more?”

“What will happen, if I would raise the price?”

“What price would customers agree to pay?”


During face-to-face sales - especially B2B, salesmen usually find the right answers to these questions. When it comes to big retailers, the big data and all marketing tools they can afford help them choose the best pricing models. But with online sales where sellers have no or little idea why most visitors that stop by are not buying, it is very hard to get the answers back - fast, efficient and measurable. And it is especially valid for small and medium enterprises.



Luckily, technology is on your side! So we are, now presenting you a simple but efficient web solution - our new Make An Offer Widget that can help you reveal what’s the price your website visitors are ready to pay for your products/services. The make-an-offer app can have a real impact on your marketing and help you boost sales.


“Customers will always suggest less, so how can this be of any help?”, some might say and we will agree with them. That is why our Make An Offer Widget is not just a tool asking “What’s the price you would pay for this product?”, but it is a scenario application providing you with the flexibility to predefine your virtual reactions depending on the customer's price offerings. This makes the widget not only a useful data gathering source for your price analysis, but a lead generation tool, too.


You can set three price options for each product/service or give customers the freedom to suggest prices on their own. Both ways you can manage your automated reply based on the customer offerings.



Depending on the offerings you can:

1) Ask customers for their email or phone, if their offers are close to what’s negotiable for you. This is a perfect hot lead. This is how you can turn a leaving visitor into a prospect.

2) Give customers a promo code for the respective product/service at a discounted price. As we all know, promotions - even if the savings are not so significant, are a great buying impulse. You can also give 10% discount to people who suggest a 20 or 30% lower price and test if they only bluff and what’s the real price they are ready to pay.

3) If you just need some reference data, you can display a ‘thank you’ message only.

Of course, you should be prepared that some customers ready to buy at your usual price might wish to test you first, trying to get a lower price. But is there anything more natural in business? Our advice is to place a make-an-offer button temporarily on products or services that are new, with low or decreasing demand. Then make your analysis, adjust your pricing policy or just continue using the tool as a lead generator. 


Using it one way or another, we believe that Make An Offer Widget is a perfect online marketing and sales application that can increase your website conversion rate.


Test the live demo of Make An Offer Widget and try all its features yourself!


If you think the make-an-offer app is the right tool for you, but there are things that should be modified or added, just contact us to discuss the necessary customizations with our technical team. 



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