As a part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services we are considering making our website available in multiple languages. Translating more than 4500 web pages into a number of languages will be a huge and time-consuming task for our team, so we decided to make the first step by translating only selected parts of the website.


Since we offer a multi-language support for most of our PHP Scripts, we frequently receive positive feedback from our non-English speaking clients from all over the world. Now we want to step forward by not only offering software that can be translated to any language, but also provide that software in your native language.  



As one of our marketing managers - Daria, speaks German, we’ve decided to start with a German version of Food Delivery Script page. After an extensive research, we named it Lieferservice-Software. We are still working on translating some of the page elements such as the menu and a couple of buttons, so stay tuned for the upcoming translations.


We hope this will have a positive effect on our search engine rating and our Lieferservice-Software will rank well on Since most of our clients are webmasters who do SEO on a daily basis, we will share our experience with multi-language search engine optimization as soon as we have some results!