Check the newest product versions we have released lately: Food Delivery Script 2.2 and Time Slots Booking Calendar 3.4. Our development team has fixed some bugs and improved the overall usability of both scripts. Let's go through all tweaks together:


Food Delivery Script 2.2

  • Updated framework & plugins

  • Cross-domain integration

  • Edit profile details in the checkout form - Clients can now edit their personal details in the checkout form, while they are ordering their meals, and decide whether to save these changes to their profile. 



  • Improved “Search order” in the admin page - Admins can now more easily browse orders by name, type, and status. 



Time Slots Booking Calendar 3.4 

  • Latest plugins & framework

  • Cross-domain integration

  • "Calendar Name" token added to confirmation messages

  • Improved custom working time for weekly view - Now you've got different time slots for each day of the week.


  • Price is automatically calculated upon new booking on the back-end

  • Editors can change calendar for each reservation


  • Week numbers are shown in calendar view


  • Multiple bookings per slot supported




 Note: Users of previous versions of both scripts can upgrade for FREE. Just contact us